Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jake speaking at Faith Community

I have been "blogging" on - but I thought I would write a quick update here about Jake.

Jake is winding up his first semester at Cabrillo College where he is majoring in Fire Science. He has also been working part-time at Freeline Surf in Capitola. Overall he is doing awesome but the lingering challenges are the graft sites on his thumb and heel and the pain in his back. He has appointments this week with Physical Therapy and Podiatry. Last week we saw his plastic surgeon who did a little work on the small spot that is not healing well still. Jake nicked it a couple of months ago on kelp while surfing and the wound would normally take a few days to heal - but Jake's thumb has been through a lot and is delicate. The heel is challenging finding shoes that won't rub and cause sores.

Recovery just does not seem to be a definitive amount of time. I guess when one faces death, coma, 8 surgeries, etc, etc patience is still a necessity.

This Sunday, Jake will be sharing with Pastor Nick Hart at Faith Community Church. The subject is joy - how can there still be joy in the midst of...well if your reading this blog, you know. Faith Community meets at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz at 10:30. You should be able to download the podcast next week by visiting the site if you would like to listen in.

Merry Christmas.

Tom (daddy)

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