Monday, November 22, 2010

There was dancing.

We have a new website ( with a blog in it but I wanted to post a few pictures here from the Burn Unit Gala 2010.

Last year, at Gala 2009 Jake was fresh out of the hospital. Last year Jake was accompanied by a wheelchair, helmet, pik line with medicine bottle, and two very tired and anxious parents. We had to leave early, before the dancing, because Jake was in horrible pain. This year, styling in a pinstriped suit, there was dancing. This year Jake shared his story and gave tribute to Greg Hansen for saving his life. This year we danced and laughed and hugged - nurses, doctors, friends - and we celebrated. And then two very tired and not quiet as anxious parents left with Jacob and Robbie still dancing. We are so very thankful.

Getting ready for the Gala I went to our favorite cleaners in Capitola to get my suit taken in. The owner was there and asked me what the special occasion was. She was tearful when she heard that I was Jake’s dad. Please continue to pray for our opportunities. In a real sense, Jacob’s Journey continues as we live out daily life in the community. When Jake speaks to a youth group or customer at the surf shop, when I go to the hospital, when Jensen and I serve a meal, we are able to share the story of a miracle.

You can keep following through the facebook page "Santa Cruz Compassion Network" and the website 

Grace and Peace - and Happy Thanksgiving.

Tom (daddy)

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StimmeDesHerzens said...

I followed for many months the trials of Jacob. I am so happy, for all you. For Jacob, that he can continue to live and every young person has a right to do in this world...