Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stepping back to move forward

Jake went back. He has been to the Burn Unit on his own just to visit those that worked so hard to save his life and become so dear to us. It was good timing as this week has been especially difficult for the burn unit - they were encouraged to see one of their successes. Each of the people in this first picture were very involved in Jake's care and the second picture is of Dr. Karanas, head surgeon of the burn unit and Jill Sproul, the nurse manager. They are such a joy to us.

Last week Jake was a CIT (counselor in training) at a camp for children (8-15) who are burn survivors. It was an incredibly impactful week for him as he begins to give back and bless others.  Many of the counselors were nurses, doctors, and firefighters and Jake enjoyed the time he spent with them and gained insight into his continued care for his own wounds.

I am continuing to volunteer as a chaplain at Valley Med and build a support base to continue our ministry. Last week after doing rounds I went up to visit the Burn Unit and then sat outside at our old waiting area as I did some journalling and praying for those I had just visited. A doctor walked by and did a double-take seeing me sit there. He was one that I think was with the pulminary doctors who took over when we almost lost Jake due to lung damage. We had a great conversation and was so glad to hear Jake was doing so well. He had no idea.

This last picture is of Jake with Dr. Aaron Burger. He was at Kaiser and did Jake's thumb surgery. He and Jake had a great connection. Jake was able to see him today at the burn unit.

Monday will be the one year mark of Jacob's injury and the beginning of this journey. Though the journey will continue we have reached a place closure. The intention of this blog was to be an easy way to communicate to family and friends what was happening with Jake. It became so much more and has been an amazing experience. I feel that it is time to close out this blog. We are in the process of establishing a website to serve as hub for connecting to updates on our family and ministries. With that will be a newsletter that you can choose to receive (or not). I will post the connection here as soon as it is up and running.

More to come...

Tom (daddy)

"For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God." Romans 8:18-19

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Anonymous said...

Praise upon praise!!! What a year it has been! I am in the same hotel as when I heard of the urgent need to pray for Jacob. And pray we have for a year now, and it will continue. Only now we have visible proof of God's faithfulness which we called on so many times. Though we are blessed to have the resolution we so deeply prayed for, we were compelled to confront the possibilities of alternative outcomes. With those options come the test of believing in God no matter what happens because in every case, He works His will and we are to abide by it. I can only imagine the number of times tears came down your cheeks as we pulled for Jake and now even as we remember the miracles. Both tears of pain and tears of thanksgiving, tears of our subjection to Almighty God and tears of rejoicing due to His wonderful healing. To have our sons hurting is a terrible feeling. To have them dying is so far beyond me. Let's take time to praise God for His loving hand during this past year, and to thank all the Kirkendalls for their amazing ministry during such a traumatic time. Guy Berry