Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Brief update...

I wanted to give out some quick updates. There is a lot going on as we move forward...

First: for those who have been praying for Michelle and Nick (see April 20th blog), Michelle is doing well and they are sending her home to continue rehab! Very cool. Here is a link to their church website which is keeping a blog update: Paseo del Rey Church

Second: I have been praying for a friend in our community who has been admitted to a burn unit. Please just pray for Lady X - God will know who she is...

Third: Family update...we are anticipating two graduations!
Jensen from sixth grade and Jacob from high school! Jacob is winding up his last two classes online and picked up his graduation robe last week. I went down and spent the weekend with Robbie - what a blessing it was - refreshing. I brought back his truck to borrow while I am working for the Census this month.

We are working toward this continuation of the journey - opportunities to continue to unfold the blessings we have received to bless others. "We are blessed that we might bless others." Working the Census right now is out of necessity to get in a bit of income. God continues to expand the ministry of caring for others in the midst of tragedy. (More on that soon.) Jacob was accepted as a counselor-in-training for Champ Camp which is a camp for children who are burn survivors. My sister Kirky will also be there as a counselor. Robbie will be working at Mount Hermon, a Christian camp, this summer on staff with their High School Camp. We are also working toward establishing a non-profit to come alongside those while they are in the burn center - to enable a community such as we have been blessed with.

There are moments that I stop and just shake my head in disbelief as to just how incredible life is when it is given back to you. Jacob doing so much of what makes Jake, Jake: surfing, driving, school, graduation, just being with his friends. I have been learning to let go. This is so difficult as it is an exercise in faith and in trust. God has brought us through all of this that we might walk with others on their journey. In so many ways we are not worthy of God's attention. In so many ways we fail each other and God and ourselves. Yet there is grace - the blessings that come in acceptance not because of our worth but despite the penalty that we truly deserve. This grace is received and is also a pattern for us to provide it for others in our life. That I would treat others with the same grace that I have been given.

So that is a brief update. Please continue to contact us as to how we can pray for you and for those that are going through tragedy.

In grace and peace,

Tom (daddy)


Noree said...

Tommy and fam~
Wow, lots of info in this last blog.
I continue to follow Jessica Huse and her battle~bless her and her family.
And YOUR family news...two graduations...praise God. Your Jacob continues to amaze.
Just sending love to you all.
Bless, bless, bless,
Noree and the fam

Lois Stinogel said...

That is what we call "outrageous grace" We do a song with that title at church.Part of a verse says "there's an enemy that seeks to kill what it can't control". He tried with you guys but we read the back of the Book and we win!!! I check your blog often and it's so good to hear what God is doing.