Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Success and the Naked Crazy Guy

The rain came down hard this morning as we drove to the hospital and I reflected on the verses that I read earlier in Luke 8. Jesus was asleep in a boat the midst of a storm. Jesus was asleep as his disciples, some of them rugged fishermen, freaked out as they thought death was near. These men had seen some miracles - had at least some idea that Jesus was a prophet - but some had already understood that he was the messiah - but fear had gripped them and there was nothing that they could see except the storm that was raging around them. So they woke him up - maybe they thought it was a Jonah type thing - maybe they would need to toss Jesus overboard. They definitely needed help, needed hope, needed Jesus. So Jesus woke from his sleep - why didn't the storm wake him? - he woke up and calmed the storm. I wonder what his tone of voice was when he asked this question: "where is your faith"? 

Jesus asked me that a few times as traffic was bad, as the storm raged, as fears rose. Where are you God? As the doctors warned us of what might go wrong in the surgery, fear increased. As they placed the IV into Jake's arm, Jesus, are you awake? Sitting in the waiting room, fear alternated with hope and confidence. Faith comes so often in sporadic streams rather than deluge and flood. 

"In fear and amazement they asked one another, "Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him." (Luke 8:25)

These verses flow right into the story of "The Naked Crazy Guy". He was demon possessed. Chains could not hold him and they called him Legion, for he was possessed by many.  Naked Guy came to find Jesus. Can you picture the disciples, still with their mouths open in wonder from the storm being calmed, stepping off on shore and still shaking as they see a "The Naked Crazy Guy" coming toward them. Then before they know it this demon-possessed dude is free from bondage and a herd of pigs runs down a steep bank and into the lake and instead of the disciples drowning it was the pigs!

Those who were tending to the pigs ran to town and soon a huge crowd came to see what was going on. What a contrast: the disciples vs the townspeople. What an amazing to see "The Naked Crazy Guy" seated at the feet of Jesus clothed and calm soaking up each moment, each word of Jesus. The fear of the disciples drove them closer to Jesus. The fear of the townspeople rejected him. They wanted him to leave. In verse 38, Luke says that "The Naked Crazy Guy" begged Jesus to allow him to follow. But Jesus sent him away to tell his story all over town. He told him to stay with the people that had rejected Jesus so that he might be a source of faith-love-hope-joy. 

In the midst of this morning - I felt my fear driving me away from Jesus. It took great effort to return to the feet of Jesus and place my hope fully in his grasp. As the doctors told us of what might go wrong, what they might have to do, I took control and shunned faith. Faith-hope-love-joy comes in streams and can be so sporadic. It returned as I remembered all that has gone before - the miracles that we have seen - the storms that have been calmed - the Fear of the Lord. 

We sit in silence as Jake sleeps - head bandaged - recovering from an very successful surgery. The kind that makes stoic surgeons smile with giddy delight. "The plate was a perfect fit." "The skin covered the plate nicely." "It couldn't have gone better." 

So thankful for the prayer. So thankful for the hand of God. We know all too well that it does not always go as plan. We know all too well that God is still in these moments - thankfully - this moment went far better than our fear would suspect. So thankful for this community that surrounds and supports us. 

Peace and love, 

Tom (daddy)  


Anonymous said...

Jake and your family have been in my prayers all day. I am overjoyed the surgery went smoothly!! The strength God has given you during so many uncertainand terrifying experiences has served to infuse you with the miracle of faith. Thank You, Lord, for You work through all of us that way. Rest well tonight knowing Jake is in His arms.

mshamaya said...

Yes!! What a joy and relief to read the report of Jake's most successful surgery. Peace, love and blessings to you Jake, Mom and Dad - the rest of the family and all involved. Thank you God!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. Thanks for updating as many of us have been praying for Jake, the surgeons, you and for God to have His way today.

Joslin3 said...

So thankful to hear this wonderful report. I will be praying you can all rest well tonight.

Bob Duffy said...

Our prayers for "stretchyness" were answered! God continues to be praised.
-the Duffys

Nini said...

Yay! So pleased the surgery was a success!! Woohoo!

Heidi said...

So glad to hear the surgery was successful...praising God! Continuing to pray for your family.
Heidi :)

John Hixson said...

We're so grateful to God for answering our prayers regarding Jacob's surgery. And we're also very thankful for your blog that keeps us up to date on Jacob's life & God's hands in all of it, as we travel on the road, now in Arizona, next in New Mexico, but never ceasing to pray for all of you. God bless you, Jacob, and all the doctors and medical assistants who performed the surgery that God had His hands on!
Love from Judy