Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moving forward always more families to pray for...

Winding down. Rob and Jensen and I are at the JW House near the hospital. It is an awesome house that families can stay at while their kids are in the hospital or hear for cancer treatment. It was established by a teenager who was fighting cancer and recognized the need. He did not live to see it built but his legacy continues to bless. It is an amazing home-away-from-home. Jake had slow improvement feeling a little better. We only had to stay in ICU for 24 hours. Today at about 3 they moved us to a regular room which is much easier access for us.

Around us I am praying for two families. One with an infant that was right next to us - as I walked by once today the mom was hovering over her kissing her feet. A little later the were taking her to get an MRI. That is enough to know that they need prayer, they need encouragement. Another family I was able to talk to the mom and dad on separate occasions. They almost lost their three-year-old son because the doctor thought he had a virus but the mom pushed for a blood test. This young boy has diabetes. Their life is forever changed as they are on the fast track to find out what they need to do. Their lives are changed forever and are exhausted - lack of sleep - overwhelmed - taking in way too much information in too short of a time period.

Thanks for hanging with us.

Tom (daddy)


Anonymous said...

Has there been any news on Ericka?

Tom Kirkendall said...

Valerie sent me this message yesterday at noon: "Erica is trying to talk, but she is hoarse. She is also off of 24 hour dialysis. She will have dialysis every other day. There was a lot of praising God in the Tempe School District today!"

Anonymous said...

Hey TomTom and Debbie and kids,

We are SO happy to hear of Jake's successful surgery. GREAT news! We love you,
Barb & Steve