Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Stitches are out.                   Long pause.                         Yes, stitches are out.

I am amazed by the momentum from the last two weeks - okay tomorrow is two weeks since Jake had his head covered again. A plate put in to cover that valuable, undamaged-by-electricity, brain. The surgery that the doctors were giddy with excitement at how well it went. Jake's recovery has increased exponentially over the past couple of weeks. He is no longer on pain medications which is huge. So often the pain meds take over as a hardship for a survivor. Jake is agile and gaining strength each day. He still has limited use of his left hand and we are getting back into therapy but just try to tell Jake that he cannot do something and watch him go.

Jake is up and around is doing well.

He is also driving again. Now here is where dad (and mom, but mainly dad) needs to let go. That my fear of what might happen would not overtake me - or overtake Jake. He has been mainly patient with me as I told him that he needs to drive me around for a bit so that I have confidence in his driving - realized that my kids say I drive way to slow. (Why is it that we have to drive right at or above the speed limit? Leave a little bit early and enjoy the ride.) Again, Jake is doing well. So now Jake has a car and I do not. His 1998 Volvo is now my limousine as he drives me places.

I have been asked about Jake's school a lot lately. He has two more classes to complete through the internet that is supervised by the independent studies teacher at Aptos High. It has been great because Jake can set his own pace and as long as he finishes by their year end, he will graduate with his class. This provides him with flexibility to return to work at Freeline and do his classes.

I have also been asked about my job prospects. Yes I have been job hunting and am open to examining almost anything. My heart and passion is leading me to pursue a caring role such as a chaplain. I am going through the steps with a hospital in San Jose and trying to find connections with fire/police etc. It is mostly volunteer and so I am also working toward non-profit venture that basically comes alongside the community of families going through tragedy. Basically equip and enable a community to do what we have experienced through our community.

I wrote this in a book I was reading today: "...building communities that bear other's burdens, lighten other's loads, enrich other's faith...making trust, hope, peace and love a little bit easier to hold." (thanks Brennan Manning)

So many have provided so much and allowed us to focus on Jake - we have been blessed and want others to be blessed in the same way. That will all take time and the immediate need is that I find something to provide income. Debbie has already returned to her part-time job as a teachers aid. Jensen is eager to work but at 12 we are holding him back.

We will keep you posted - especially on Jake - as the momentum continues.

In hope,

Tom (daddy)

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful news. I am so excited and happy for Jake and all of you. Big leaps have occured since this surgery. And yes Dad I would be the same way about letting go especially with the driving!!! I can't wait to meet Jake some day. My prayers will continue to be with all of you.