Friday, March 5, 2010

The Journey is at the summit.

Each person who came in to check on Jake remarked at how well he looked and that he should be going home today. That is until the doctor who was making the call finally came by around 2 and said that he would like to give him one more day, just to make sure. Moving fast but not that fast. So it became a long drawn out day made pleasant by Jim and Sue and Auntie Julie (of course). Robbie made it back to school and took Jensen down to Aptos for a birthday party. Somewhat back to normal. Jake was wide awake and moving about and feeling good. Just now as I left his room to make my way to my room at the JW House, he had a hard time falling asleep. I am praying that it will be a quiet night and that the well meaning staff will just stay out of his room so that sleep can be maintained through the night.

What a blessing it is for Jake to get up and move and for me to not freak out about an uncovered brain. He is well covered and though it is healing and Jake needs to be careful for the next few months (aka no contact sports, swimming, etc) he has made it to the summit of this journey. Wow can we really say that? This was the last major surgery - those to come will be for hair and body movement and will be considered minor surgeries. We still pray that there will be no infection and that healing will take place, but we just marvel at where the Lord has us now. We can move forward in big steps now.

More to come as we unfold what is next. (Rather as God unfolds what is next.)

Tom (daddy)

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