Saturday, March 6, 2010


The first time we brought Jacob home from a hospital he was in a car seat. We stopped at Mervyns to exchange an outfit that Debbie insisted could not wait. That was almost 18 years ago. The second time we brought Jake home - a few months ago - we stopped to pick Jake up some food from Togo's. I think I drove more careful than ever as Jake, thought not in a car seat, was fragile. This time we could not wait to get out of the hospital. We took Jake to his favorite sushi restaurant. Though we were a lot less anxiety - the plate in and secured. 

It truly feels like we have reached a summit on this journey where Jake can decrease his dependence on "mom and dad." From here we expect his therapy to increase so that he can get back to the point where he can drive himself to appointments, build upon his strength, and increase the functionality of his arm, thumb, and foot. He is of course still recovering from the operation. There is pain associated with the surgery and he is tired. I think in his mind he would be able to bounce right back but it is going to take some time to recover. I truly treasured just being with him today. 

People told us when our kids were born that time goes by too fast - treasure the moments. It is so true. Each stage of life holds incredible moments that we take for granted until we are faced with major setbacks and trauma that deviate us from the expected course. I had a brief but meaningful conversation with a father of a 3-yeard old that was a couple of doors down from Jake. It reminded me again just how much more valuable my sons are than anything else I might pursue or that might pursue me. Good reminders and I need to make sure that I take time with each of them, that I intentionally build into them, and that I set the example in how I love God and love others. 

Home is a good place to be. Your own bed is so much more comfortable. Though we totally enjoyed seeing some old friends at the hospital (nurses, doctors, etc) and meeting some new friends. There is such a blessing in being home. Although it is a bit farther for Jim and Sue to drive. They continue to be a blessing to us - greeting us when we arrived at the hospital for Jake's surgery - coming by each night - lightening the burdens by just being present with us - still faithfully bringing us cups of cold water. 

Happy Saturday. Welcome home. 

Tom (daddy) 

Oh. Thanks also to those angels that cleaned our home before we arrived. What a blessing that was to arrive home to. 


Noree said...

HOME. Beautiful.
Love you all.

Mari said...

Welcome Home Jacob!!! <3
Amazing restoration... Amazing God!