Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vintage Wednesday!

Tomorrow Jake and I are going to be a part of the services at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz ( The entire service will be Josh Fox unfolding his new worship project for the church and he asked us to be a part of it as one of the songs was inspired by Jake's journey. Josh sent us and idea of the questions that he is going to ask us and some of the quotes from the blog that drew him into writing the song. Listening to the song (over and over again) and thinking about those blog entries drew me back into some moments in the hospital. The more I listen to this song...the more it draws me back into moments of struggle, moments of questions, moments of longing. Debbie listened to it when she went to the store today and said that it is

I am also amazed at how far we have come. This week feels a bit like an emergence - a huge step forward. Being able to be a part of this worship service is amazing timing to be right before Jake's (in all likelihood will be his last major) surgery. Yes Wednesday's surgery is still on - despite the plastic surgeon rescheduling his pre-op appointment twice now. In the hospital when Jake was going to have the surgery to remove the skull piece it was the neurosurgeon that was difficult to pin down - at least that is what the "plastic doctor" (I like saying that) told us. Now the "brain doctor" is dialed in and waiting for the "plastic doctor".

So we would be honored to have you pray with us for our time at Vintage tomorrow and that we continue to have smooth sailing through the surgery - allow nothing to set him back. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, peace and sanity for us as we wait and more than anything as Josh's song reminded me, that we would know the presence of God in each moment.

I have been reading through Luke - taking my time and reading and re-reading encounters that people are having with Jesus. I keep thinking about Luke talking to people and getting the information correct for Theophilus. I pictured him talking to Mary, Elizabeth and the disciples. Lately I was reading chapters at a time and now I am finding myself going back and forth seeing how Luke puts things together. Jesus radically attacked the behavior, hypocrisy, and sinfulness of the religious leaders. The heart of Christ was for the hurting...he did not say, "get your act together and then you will be healed." He said, "your faith has healed you, your sins are forgiven, now go and sin no more."

Sin no more...sin no more. Don't do what the religious leaders are doing with their condemning judgement and their unrealistic expectations - adding requirements for holiness that did not come from God. Focus first and foremost on the presence of God and allow that to shape your behavior into helping those around you. "What is the greatest commandment, Jesus?" "Love the Lord your God with everything you have - your heart, your soul, your mind, your behavior. And love those around you. Help the hurting. Respond to those in need. See (with the eyes of God) those around you."

We have an opportunity to BE Christ to others - to bring the presence of God to them. My prayer continues to be that we all would be instruments of hope and healing to those around us.

Hope and peace in abundance,

Tom (daddy)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated and I hope you all had a wonderful time at Vintage Faith over the weekend. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers especially for the upcomming surgery. You may not realize it but your blog really makes a difference in my life and I read everyday though I am so sorry that I don't often respond. Please know that you are making a difference in so many peoples lives.

Barb ( Bay Fed)