Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Urgent Prayer for Erica

I just received this update...

Erica has a 10% chance to make it through the night. Her liver has shut down. Her lungs are struggle due to the respirator. Her heart is strong. The Priests has come to preform the final blessing. She is young and strong! I know she can beat the odds! Lord hear our prayers!

This cloud O Lord hangs over my soul 
the cloud is so thick God, that I cannot see a thing
this does not make any sense to me
so young, so fragile, so much life yet to give

Lord take Erica in your arms holding her close
heal this child, hear our plea, hear our cry 
give her back to the arms of her parents
restore this life, restore this soul, make her whole

Let comfort, let peace, let hope surround her
faith is not for those who are weak but for the strong
yet in this moment we know our weakness, our limits
where our faith ends let hope begin through your grace

Lord the cry of our heart is for you to restore
The cry of your heart is for us to be restored
let your breath breathe out on this child 
let your beauty, your majesty be seen tonight 

Remove the cloud redeem this moment 
We approach your throne - not for ourselves
not for our glory but for the life of a child
that you may be given all the glory


pray with urgency, frequency, transparency

Tom (jacob's daddy)