Friday, February 5, 2010

Stepping into liquid

When the Israelites were crossing the Jordan with the Ark of the covenant, the water was held back so that they could cross on dry land. But they did not just wade into shallow water before it was held back - they stepped off of a bank holding the Ark (the presence of God). They would have beeen under the water as soon as they stepped into liquid. It was a step of obedience as well as a step of faith and was not easy.

Jacob's benefit concerts and fund raisers were put together by both friends and strangers - what has become our community - stepping into liquid. Connor Childs who put together the concerts for Jake took the name that Robbie called our blog, Journey Through Fire, and established a non-profit organization. (see The intention he had was to take the benefit on the road to bless Jacob and others. While the concert did not go on the road, they have still been working and finding ways to come alongside those in need.

Last week I received an email from Pam who is putting together a benefit for Jessica Huse. I put her in contact with Connor and we are able to come alongside to help her as others had helped Connor. Pam has stepped into liquid and our community is able to join their community as we watch God hold back the waters. As Connor and I have been talking, we are seeing our visions come together. I deeply desire to see others in the midst of tragedy experience community as we have. We desire Journey Through Fire to come alongside and help - not take over - but to equip, encourage, empower their community. So, we are stepping into liquid by faith and by obedience.

Stepping into liquid is about "being the church" for those of us who consider ourselves followers of Christ. It is putting what we believe into the place of action. It is about stepping up and doing what God has called us to - giving a cup of water to the thirsty - bandaging the wounded - loving the outcast. If you are able to attend the concert - it will be phenomenal as a thousand voices worship God. If you cannot come there is opportunity to donate right to the family. The event will be held at Calvary Church which was our family's home church for 20 years. It is the place where I was arrested (in Jr High) and served on staff (Jr High Pastor). We have a lot of history there. JJ Heller will be playing - I have quoted one of her songs here. It will be an amazing night.

As for Jake, continue to pray as we approach Tuesday's pre-op appointment and that we have smooth sailing to surgery. We had a "no more picc-line" party tonight with friend Kaitlin who also had her picc-line taken out the day after Jake's. It was good to have a little celebration in the house again.

Grace and peace,

Tom (daddy)

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