Monday, February 15, 2010

Praying for Erica

I have sat down to write a few times over the last few days, but just was not feeling it - when I figure out what "it" is I will let you know. There is a lot going through my head and it is hard to get a handle on it. 

Jake is doing great. School is going well. He has finished 2 of his four classes. I am very confident that he will get done and graduate with his class. He is also getting stronger in his rehab. He still has limitations - mainly with his right arm and hand - but he is getting quite strong. It is actually getting hard for me to think about allowing him to move forward. You raise a child and move him to adulthood slowly. We have stepped backwards and are going to be moving forward with a bit of turbo.  Much harder for us than for him. 

I woke up this morning to a message through Facebook about a young 17 year girl named Erica that was suffering from "septic". I did not know it was anything but a tank underground for receiving our flushings. Erica had been given two days to life and mom and dad were rushing to their daughter's side (at college). A little later in the day I got an update with a change in diagnosis to "bacterial meningitis." That was it for the details - I do not need to know more - but it tugged at my heart to pray and to send on what information I had. 

For me it my thoughts went to the parents receiving the phone call as we had received one about their 17-yeard old being in harms way. What a devastating plane ride - clinging to each other - waiting longing to be with their child. Then arriving at the hospital trying to catch up and understand all that had been taking place - all that was wrong. I have never met them but that is okay - I can pray - and I got several messages from others who were praying as well. We all need a community to surround us - to helps us - guide us through the mess of a tragedy. 

There was also a message today on Facebook from a friend I have not seen in a long time. She had lost her teenage son 25 years ago. She and her husband have always been heros to me. All the more as we went through Jacob's fragile time. There are saints that have gone before who have clung to the feet of Jesus, weeping dreadful bitter tears but continue to know the presence of God in increasing measure. I remember thinking of Dale and Charlotte, still walking with Jesus, still serving in ministry, not giving up - we will make it too. 

When Abraham was called out by God and sent to be a nation, he was blessed to be a blessing for others. (Gen 12) He was not blessed so that he would live a life of luxury and ease. He was not set up with a health plan and retirement fund. He was blessed so that he might bless others. 

As we anticipate Jakes next major surgery, though I know it is not the end and there will be more to come - overcoming limitations, further surgeries, learning and re-learning how to do things - it totally feels like we are coming to the summit of this journey. So as you have joined us and continue to pray...continue to lift up Jake and for the steps we have to come. But also I ask that you continue to lift up and bless those around us that need their community (our community). 

In grace and peace


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