Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pins are out!!!

Still basking in the shadow of yesterday's victories, today at Jacob's appointment for his thumb the doctor decided it was time to remove the pins! We really were not expecting it but as he looked at the x-rays from over two weeks ago and at the current stability of the thumb he was quite pleased. There are still two spots of healing on the graft sight and though it is long and slow it is healing. His thumb is fused at the knuckle so he will not be able to bend it but the doctor was encouraged by seeing blood when the pins were taken out and hair growing. That is the sign that the blood vessels are moving back through there. (He lost one of the two major sources of blood to the thumb.)

Today I actually got a better picture of how tenuous Jake's thumb was. When they went in to do the thumb surgery back on November 5th, they actually removed a lot of dead bone and put back together what was left of the healthy bone - the pins holding it together. I remember them telling us that the bone was very brittle but he did not tell us then that he did not think that it would stay together. The pins were in longer than normal but they have fused together. The thumb is holding together. With the pins out,  Jake still needs to wear the brace for while the thumb looks fused in x-ray, we still want to be cautious and assume it is tender.

Jake's thumb for me in the midst of all else is a tremendous answer to my prayers. I hold to my memory of standing at his bedside while he was in a coma and praying for his organs, for his wounds and specifically praying for the salvation of his thumb. The thumb that we were assured was going to be amputated but also assured that they could replace it with one of his toes - such a bitter taste from that assurance. I know that many have prayed with me for prayer.

So as I consider all of this - the reaction of the doctor - the state of his thumb - what should have been - I see the miracle - I see the hand of God coming down and answering the prayer of my heart - assuring hope. There have been several moments of on this journey that we have seen God work - that doctors have been surprised - moments that looked bleak - moments that turned into miracles. The thumb was never the life threatening issue - but for me God knew that it was important to knit it back together.

So pretty amazing week. Tummy tube out, pending surgery for his head, pins out... yeah pretty amazing. After such a long, long wait, we are taking some pretty big steps forward. The road is still long ahead of for Jake as he tries to regain so much that was lost...but we have so much to be thankful and today we are so incredibly thankful for his thumb.

Grace and peace in increasing measure.

Tom (daddy)


John Hixson said...

Hallelujah! Yes, Tom, the healing of Jacob's thumb was definitely a miracle from God. And, like you, I constantly prayed for it, knowing that for our heavenly Physician, nothing is impossible, and He does listen to and answer our requests. Praise Him! And Jacob continues to be in my daily prayers for God's TOTAL healing of him.
Happy Valentine's Day from Judy

Josh Engelhardt said...

Tom, thank you for your continuing, faithful updates. They not only give us focus for our prayer but also great reason to praise! I'll be praying for infection-less progress in Jake and a successful March surgery.
-Josh Engelhardt

Steph said...

Celebrating your increasing measures.. AND the healing of Jake's thumb! Have been with you all from the beginning and are still here :) I have an app button on my iPhone for the blog so I check up on you all almost every day. I have an almost 3yr old son who is very athletic (and have wondered often how I will have to continue to trust his safety to God more and more as the years go by) so your family's journey has been close to my heart.
Thank you for continuing to share your life with all of us.