Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jake is my reminder to pray for Erica...

Jake met with his teacher today at Aptos High. I had been meeting in place of Jacob but now I just sit in the background. It is a great progression and Jake is doing great. He has finished two semester-length classes and is now working through the two year-long courses. I am very confident about Jake finishing the year and graduating with his class. The internet-based courses have been perfect for Jake's situation. It feel so thankful. Especially as I think and pray for Erica's parents as they have just begun a journey that reminds me of where we have come, I realize that we are reaching a Summit. Even if Jake's appointment were to get put off a little longer - I really would be okay - I am seeing more and more of his healing.

Even after the head surgery, there will be recovery, there will be lessons in patience, there will be more to do and more to come. Jake's surgery does not bring back "normal" - whatever "normal" is - it is just a very big step forward. So a little thankfulness tonight for me as well as a burden for Erica and her parents  Erica and Bernadette. I have attached a note below - realize that I get them third person and pass them along. I have not met this family - but like so many who have done so for us, I hold them up to God and plead for healing, wholeness and the presence of God.


This message is directly from Bernadette. 

Dear Friends,
Again we can not express how much your love, support and especially prayers are appreciated. We want so much to say that things are better, so we will say that they aren't worse. The antibiotics have done their job and there is no progression of the disease. We are now faced with dealing with the damage. She is still on 24 hour dialysis, and we are simply waiting to see if her kidneys will pick up any function as we go. Her heart appears to be strong, they have reduced the number of medications or pressers for blood pressure from 4 to 2. She is still purple in the face and parts of her body due to the disease - her fingers look like they have some color and will survive. Her right foot is still questionable but her toes have already turned black and are shrinking. We are working hard to keep her from developing secondary infections as she is still not able to produce enough platelets. She is getting blood transfusions and platelets to try to heal her organs. Everyday we are here we are fortunate. They saved her life and continue to do so on an hourly basis. We are waiting to see if we can get into the Ronald Mcdonald house today that is here at the children's hospital. They wouldn't let us for a week because of the disease. We had to be a week with no symptoms. It doesn't matter as we wouldn't leave her anyway, but we thinking that God willing we will be here for awhile because the alternative is unimaginable. Please know that we are blessed to have so many people supporting us. It is at times such as this that you can see what faith and strength there is in being part of a family. Our sincere thanks-Bernadette and Eric

Erica is a freshman in college in New York. I pictured many times during Jacob's journey being surrounded by hundreds of people holding up my arms and praying with me, for me, and in place of me. I have that same picture now as I see the community surrounding Erica and her family - her community. It is a blessing and honor to be in prayer together.

In prayer

Tom (daddy) 


Lois Stinogel said...

Tom, thanks for your continued writings -and Rob's, too. Things will never be "normal"-just a "new normal". Yes, i will continue to pray for you and yours and now for Erica. Thanks again!

Lois Stinogel

Sarah said...

I have been praying for Jacob since the beginning of this blog. We have a mutual friend - Renee - and she asked me to pray for Jake. He is a remarkable boy and your family's faith is inspiring. I have never written before, but reading about Erica inspired me to say hello. My oldest sister went through something similar. She got very sick very fast, barely survived, but did and is now a quadruple amputee and in need of a kidney transplant. It has been a long and hard road, but Becky is doing remarkably well. She is listed to receive new hands in a double hand transplant in Pittsburgh as well as a kidney. There is so much that can be done once you recover. Survival comes first...the rest will take care of itself in time, as I know you all have learned.

I will be sure to add Erica to my prayers. And Jake is prayed for daily as well

Sarah Knight (my youngest son's website chronicalling his journey through illness and his wait for a small bowel and colon transplant)