Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick update

Jake's appointment today was with the plastic surgeons that operated on his thumb - seems like so long ago. Debbie told me that they say it is 90% successful as a graft. The other 10% is that there is bone coming through on a spot and a string. They did some work on it and were able to get some blood which is an great sign - the blood vessels are filling in. So in time we are praying and hoping that the body will do the rest and fill in the last 10%.

Jake is a bit discouraged which is so obviously understandable. He wants to get on with the rest. Tomorrow is a blood test which we will talk to the infectious disease doctor on Thursday to determine if we continue with antibiotic or not. Remember getting the antibiotic is necessary to go ahead with Jake's surgery.

Waiting and watching is our continued place. We are so thankful that God is near and that you are still praying with us.

Grace and Peace,

Tom (daddy)

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