Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pressure Garments and such...

Just wanted to do a quick post to update on a Jake. Today we had a rather long day of appointments. First with the Occupational Therapist which is really very good. I think Jacob does not like it a lot but is willing to tolerate it as she is a very nice person and she cares a lot about Jake. We go into her room which is in Pediatric Therapy. So there are children's chairs, table and toys. He got to play feed the monkey. She pushes him a bit to move to the next level in rehab always trying to find "what is next". She is trying to get him to use his right hand more. This is difficult because of the mental barrier but also because it is in a hard plastic splint formed around his thumb.

The next appointment was a long wait to recieve his pressure garments. These are heavy duty nylons that squeeze his graft sites as they press the fibers together and smooth out the skin. His skin seems like it is healing more rapidly than ever. The pressure garments are not the most comfortable to wear, but we know that wearing them now will quicken the process of healing.

Our last appointment of the day was meeting with the infectious disease doctor who is monitoring Jakes antibiotics. This is a baby bottle with a bubble inside that pushes the antibiotic out into the picc line in his left arm over a 2 hour period. This is done twice a day. We are still waiting for Jake to be free of infection (from his thumb right now) to get on with the head surgery. We are still hoping for the end of the month which would be a huge leap to get the piece back covering his brain. The news today was great in that all the tests show he is doing great. With the thumb still showing a sign of infection we are on a week to week basis. So while we were hoping to be off the antibiotics on Monday we would rather be free of infection. So we will be on a week to week basis. Tuesday we will see the plastic surgeon, Wednesday get his blood test, and Thursday see the infectious disease doctor to evaluate if we will be on another week or not.

So we still pray for his thumb and focus specifically on infection being completely gone.

Also please continue to hold up the other journey's that we are praying for. I have them listed on the left side of this page. Please especially hold up David Carson in your prayers as he is not doing well. Miracles do still happen - we have seen it - but more than anything pray for comfort and peace for his wife and family.

Shalom - we pursue justice on earth and God grants peace from it is in heaven so shall it be on earth.

Tom (daddy)


Mari said...

Still here & praying for you all. Thanks for posting the other prayer needs too. So much need! Looking forward to more miracles in 2010! Happy New Year & love from your King friends :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope this thought doesn't sound insensitive or odd, but something just occurred to me while reading this posting. It's interesting to think, isn't it, what if God had showed you where you would be today in this journey with Jake way back at the beginning?

You might have been relieved to know that he was still alive with all his limbs (and thumb) and mind intact, but Jake himself might have been totally discouraged to see himself still not in school, still unable to use his right hand, still waiting for the head surgery, etc.

Maybe this is part of why God only leads us blindly on our journeys one step, one day, one hour, one minute at a time. We all praise God for the miracles more because we know how close we came to NOT seeing them. Yet the losses are still greatly mourned, not something easy to get used to. I think this happens in some way for all of us.

I wish it was different for Jake (and for the rest of you as well) because I can't see how glorious his future really will be in God's economy, in His eternity. But I know we will all be rejoicing together one day, over what He's brought you all (and all of us) through and we are ALL on the other side of it, WITH HIM!

Blessings, Ginger