Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prayer and expanding community

I did not really like the movie Bruce Almighty. But just now sitting here at the computer I thought of a scene where he is receiving all the prayers from people all over the world. I think he is actually on a computer and decides just to grant all the requests - and if I remember it right things really get out of whack. Can you imagine if God decided to answer our requests just as we wanted them to be? What if two people are praying for opposing outcomes? What if the answer actually makes things worse?

Anyway I was thinking about this as I am receiving more and more prayer requests...all of them touch me deep in my heart and are cries to the savior for restoration and deep need. I am feeling so inadequate in the amount of time I spend praying at all - and here they come. I can hypocritically just pass them on to so many that have been praying for us without even leaving the comfort of my computer. These request hurt because of the deep hurting that so many are going through. And yet I offer them to God and invite others to join me in offering them to God..."be anxious for nothing but in everything in prayer and petition let your request's be made known to God and the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord." Debbie and I memorized that verse before we were even dating. Simply offer them to God. Join God in the moment of compassion and hurt with a person...hurt with God. God already knows, already cares, and yet we have been invited to join him.
I have not been praying for Jacob's thumb as I had been. I did last night as I fell asleep and as I realized this. I have been just assuming that God was moving things in his direction and in his time. Yet I have not been joining with him in prayer for Jacob's thumb - what was the focus and special burden. The miracle thumb that we thought would be removed and is still there and is still healing. Not yet perfect - "I am here God praying again for Jacob's thumb."
I am trying to figure out how to continue to pass on these prayer requests that I receive. I want so badly to be a part of expanding this community that we have experienced, that we have enjoyed, that we have been empowered by, that has been a part of these miracles. How can we do this? Create a response initiative that when a tragedy strikes the community responds... the CHURCH responds. Oh that we might BE the church in the lives of others just as we have experienced in Jacob’s Journey. I think that God is already doing this. The community is already there - it just needs us to come alongside and support them. We do so in prayer - sitting with God - petitioning God for healing, for restoration, for His presence.
There is more to come. God is leading us to more. Though we do not totally see the shape of it, we will continue to respond to each need as we are able that we might reflect Christ to each other. Though this journey has been horrible in many ways - there is such beauty.
As for us and Jake, yes we do need prayers too. Tomorrow we meet with Jake's infection doctor to understand what the next couple of weeks will look like. We continue to some therapy tomorrow as well. Please join us in just asking for peace, patience and enough understanding to make it through each day. I told Jacob the other day that I stress about two things almost constantly: time and money. Jake looked at me and scoffed, "why worry? We do not have either." Though I stress over that which I have no control, God continues to provide in his time and in his way.
Thanks for hanging with us.

Tom (daddy)

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