Wednesday, January 27, 2010

picc line, X-ray, good reminder

The house is very quiet. I have maybe an hour to myself and don't know where to begin. So I thought I would start with a quick update as to what is going on today for us. Robbie made it back down to Biola. Work starts today at noon. His mess is gone. Amazing how one added adult to the house adds to the stuff. But of course we miss his stuff. He went back I think with each of having a stronger sense that it is exactly where he is suppose to be. I am looking forward to hearing what God is going to do through him and in him as he strives to connect with people and complete this semester. 

Jensen is of course at school. Minimum day today. It is my day to focus on Jensen and Deb on Jacob. Yesterday was the opposite. We had one appointment yesterday that ended up being a longer day. Dr. B (the main plastic surgeon that we have been seeing for his thumb) did some debridement and called Dr. E out of surgery to take a look. Overall it looks incredibly good. The focused on three areas. Two toward the tip of the thumb is where the bone was showing through. That is healed and good. The one area toward the palm is about the diameter of a nail. He went in and chipped away at the bone there to aid in the skin growing over and not around. He drew blood which is a healthy sign. Dr. E was also excited to see hair growing on the thumb as it means the thumb is healthy enough to grow the follicles. 

So the big decision yesterday was if Jake would get the picc line out or not. Dr. P the Infectious Disease doctor is pushing Drs. E and B to have it come out. Jake is off the Vankomycen and a dry picc line is not good. Dr. E wanted an extra just to make sure that they are not missing something before they say "yes." They also wanted to take a look at the pins in his thumb (they hang out the tip about an 8th of an inch and go clear passed the joint.) The pins are securing the thumb so that it fuses. Jake will basically have a post - not able to bend the thumb joint. 

It took about an hour and a half to wait for the X-ray and then we went to a coffee shop to try to do homework (no seats - sitting out the cold did not last long). We waited for a phone call from Dr. B to say come back and get the picc line out. By 4 we were ready to head home and get the line out today. Jake had to go back anyway for an appointment. I think I wanted it out yesterday more than Jacob did. He had already figured it would not happen as they had said last week. He was right. I think I just see this as such a huge step - a huge celebration of forward motion. 

So today Debbie and Jake are getting a splint made to increase the stretchability of his right arm. He can raise it to be about even with his shoulder now - huge increase. The underarm was the worst damaged area. It reminds me when I think about it how thankful I am that he has his arm - even his thumb. The answered prayers are there. 

Monday night I had the amazing opportunity to conduct a funeral for a beautiful lady. I did not know her but know her family. It was a ministry to me to hear them describe their mom - to catch a glimpse of her life and to see the consistent love those she touched had for her. Grandchildren, children, friends, neighbors - even someone from the hospital she met - applauded her humility, selflessness, compassion, kindness, gentleness, her gentle spirit, and how she quietly overcame adversity. Though I did not know Doris before her death - I got to know her after death. I got to see her in the faces of those that she touched. I was overwhelmed. I was also thankful. Thankful that God had allowed me to not yet see the funeral of my son. That we have an opportunity to work on and display before God and others these same qualities. It is easy to slip back to non-loving behavior. I keep thinking and wondering what the world would be like if we increased the love that is described in 1 Corinthians 13. 

Love is patient, love is kind. 
It does not envy, it does not boast, 
it is not proud. It is not rude, 
it is not self-seeking, 
it is not easily angered, 
it keeps no record of wrongs. 
Love does not delight in evil 
but rejoices with the truth. 
It always protects, always trusts, 
always hopes, always perseveres. 
Love never fails. 

Everything that is not love that we strive for is an obnoxious noise that strives for attention but irritates and disturbs those who hear it. I needed and continue to need this reminder that I might be a blessing to those that I see and that it might be a sweet song to God in how I care for and love him and others. God truly sees how I treat people as how I treat him. I got some work to do. 

We are blessed to be a blessing. 

Tom (daddy) 

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