Monday, January 4, 2010

Keller Boys - a story we have been following

I thought tonight I would just share the posting from Monty and Ruedi's website. We could all use a little blessing of some good news. It made my heart glad.

“I need to surf” said Monty to Meg today in his whisper-lev​el speech. He said “Hi Danno” when I walked into the ICU, and when Papa Ruedi said “I love you”, Monty mouthed “I love you” back. When Papa kissed Monty’s forehead, Monty puckered up to kiss Papa’s cheek. After a coughing spell, Monty was able to hold the suction tube with his right hand and place the tip in his mouth to remove “junk” that came up from his lungs. He enjoys holding hands, and at one point he pinned my thumb, as in thumb wrestling.

Monty does have obvious deficits, which is to be expected after this trauma and coming off a coma of more than 10 days. He was not able to swallow during his first test by the speech therapist. He is confused and often says things that are nonsensical or unintelligi​ble. Also, when not asleep today Monty was agitated and constantly flexing and extending his arms and legs. He would slide himself down the reclined bed, then when asked would push himself back up again. He pulled out his feeding tube and tried to put his finger pulse oximeter into his mouth to bite it off his finger.

Monty is breathing on his own, though he is assisted with a cannula delivering a percentage of oxygen to his nose. His breathing is not deep, and he coughs fairly frequently.​ The coughs are not strong and are not generally productive to remove much “junk” from his lungs. Our prayer is that his breathing would grow deeper and his coughs stronger so that his lungs might clean up quickly.

Vital signs were all good today, with no fever. We will get another white blood count tomorrow morning, probably.

A​t the instruction of the family’s insurance carrier, Monty has been moved this evening to ICU at California Pacific Medical Center, Pacific Campus. I will let you know as soon as I have his room number and visiting hours. He may be moved from the ICU to a lesser intensive monitoring room tomorrow or Wednesday. Our prayer is that he can be moved to rehab by Friday.

 Rue​di continues to do well in his therapy. Walking was good today, and Ruedi got onto the hospital’s public computer and did some FaceBooking.​ By Friday we hope to have an understandi​ng of when Ruedi can move home and continue therapy on an outpatient basis.

Than​k you all for your continued prayers, calls, e-mails, visits, cards, meals, etc, etc!

I took photos of the car this afternoon. Our breath was taken away as we drove up and recognized what once was an automobile.​ On firm advice of police friends, however, we will refrain from posting the photos. Once posted, they could be re-posted in many places, with the unfortunate potential effect of reminding the boys of the accident over and over again.

Than​ks and blessings, Uncle Dan

Great news. Miracles continue. Thank you Lord for Monty and Reudi and for the community around them.

Tom (JK Daddy)

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