Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1, 2010

It is almost 1 AM. As I sit here typing in my laundry room, Jacob and his friends are having fun behind me. Jake invited a few friends up for a New Year party. Loud laughing enjoying being together. We kind of just let Jake do his thing with his friends. But I am struck right now by the enormity of it all. Jake is able to celebrate and enjoy being alive - having made it to 2010. I am not sure if Jake or any of his friends are able to take the time to understand how truly amazing all of this is. More and more I receive prayer requests from people who have been touched by this journey - who have joined this journey. Some I am able to pass along through this blog or on Facebook. Some I simply treasure and hold in my heart.
Tonight I received a prayer from a wonderful lady that I know praying that the Lord would just take her mom and free her from the suffering that will only get worse from this point forward. I also received a notice from a friend about Natalie who is a mother of 4 and now sits in a coma in a hospital - car accident on Christmas night. My heart goes out and prayers are being sent for her husband and children. What a journey to enter - what a burden to bear. I added the link for Natalie's website to the left. It just is not right. Let the chorus of prayer ring out. Miracles do happen. God does listen.
I do not think that Jacob's Journey is supposed to be simply a prayer chain. But I do get so excited to pass these on knowing that they are landing in the hands of those that understand and have walked a path of prayer - with us - with others - for themselves. There is a chorus of prayers ringing out - hearts of compassion - hope that miracles do happen, God is still listening. We continue to pray as we have been for Jessica, Andrew, Reudi, Monty and now Natalie. We pray that God would step in and that we would recognize his presence. In the midst of extreme pain, heartache, confusion and anger we do not surrender hope - not just that everything will be the way we want it to be but the way God wants it to be.
Jake and I today spent a couple of hours in Peet's Coffee doing school. How cool is that - doing schoolwork on New Year’s Eve. In this midst of all that we are going through we still have a lot to catch up on for school. It was good - Jake worked on his own while I did some reading. I am still reading Philippians where Paul talks a lot about joy. I am convinced that Joy is less a result of good things happening and more an attitude that we pursue and drape around our neck like a fine scarf - not that I really wear scarf’s but you know what I mean. We choose to wear joy - we choose to see the joy in suffering - the blessing in hardship - the hope in trials. Joy is an essential garment that is like a protective uniform that protects us. Maybe more bullet proof vest than scarf then.
I keep holding up 2010 in my heart as a year of joy. I am convinced that no person can rip away joy - except for one person - me. I have the power to make it rain or make it sunny. Joy comes from the perspective for which I gaze on it. I do not simply desire that 2010 comes with a lot of temporal blessing but that it I dwell in the arena of joy. For if I am joyful in all circumstances - others will pick up on that - joy is infectious, attractive, and deeply desired. Gazing on the God who is in control brings great rejoicing.
So bring it on 2010 in sickness and in health, for better or worse - let there be joy.
Happy New Year

Tom (Daddy)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tom..We continue to through these days to pray for you....How we look forward to your messages each day...We are also praying for the dear ones that are mentioned ...It is our priviledge to pray. You have been such an encouragement to us as we thank you for your Faith and also insight into the Word, and also we appreciate your complete honesty...We love your dear family...God bless you through the new year as you face many decisions and unknowns....
In Christ....The Fordices....Merlyn and Rosemary