Sunday, January 3, 2010

Be Christ, Be Blessing, Be Joy

Honestly, I feel a bit like tremendous winds are blowing toward me right now. I continue to receive requests to pass on prayer requests for those that have joined Jacob's Journey to pray. They are not lighthearted prayers and they tug at my heart as so many remind me of where we have walked. I do not know if I am doing the right thing but as much as I can I pass on the information through Facebook and through the blog. I feel so inadequate in that they overwhelm me – and so I am so thankful that I have so many who have lifted us up in prayer, now lifting up others.

Tonight I received a request for prayer for David Carson. He is in ICU in a coma up in Idaho. I am praying for his wife and son. A year ago at this time they lost a baby at only 3 weeks. I am sitting here and have nothing really to write – such horrible pain. This hurts so much. Last night I went to sleep praying for Natalie – tonight I am sure it will be David. We have been praying for the Keller boys – God is doing amazing things – amazing things. Jessica is still fighting and waking up more and more.

"We are not done yet." For me that is an important statement. I think the Apostle Paul said we are not of those that shrink back. Each day we face what is before us with hope and confidence that God is with us and will join with us in this fight. This morning in church I was encouraged with the message that agreed with my own longing – that I fight to find joy in 2010. Not that all things will work out the way I think that they should but that no matter what happens – in awesome blessings and bitter frustrations – I would choose joy, find joy, and be joyful.

One of my prayers is that we would continue to develop some sort of network where churches, individuals and groups would rise up and surround those facing tragedy and BE CHRIST, BE BLESSING, BE JOY to those who are wounded. What we have received from those in this Jacob's Journey community might be duplicated. I know that 2010 will bring steps of faith for us as we move to where God is leading us. But we do not do it alone. Church is not meant to be simply a place to gather one day a week and sing songs and listen to a motivational talk. The Church is called the body of Christ – He is the head – and we are the hands of feet doing what he has called us to do – love, mend, restore, bridge, connect, care….etc etc etc.

We were able to talk to a man today who I have respected from a distance for some time. I do not really know him well. He was sharing with us (Robbie, Jacob, Debbie and me) how he had been touched by our journey. It led him to write a song that will soon come out on an album. It totally floors me to think about that. We were able to just get a taste of how God had been moving even in the pulling together of the song. It was crazy, overwhelming and wonderful. Jacob takes it all in with seemingly little affect. But in the midst of it I know God is shaping and using all of this to move Jacob according to his purpose. God is doing stuff in me but I cannot put that on Jacob. My role is to continue to come around and support him, guide him, and direct him to become who God intends Jacob to be.

That is what we do as the hands and feet of Christ in our community. Continue to guide, support, and direct others to be who God intended them to be – not fit into who we think they should be. That is my continued prayer as we move forward with this community – what we have seen, heard, experienced might continue and that we would be the Church to those around us: loving, caring and directing others to the heart of God.

As you pray for Jacob this week, please pray for perseverance. We have typical appointments for wound care on his thumb, physical therapy, occupational therapy. I need to make some phone calls to clarify and understand what some things as we move closer to surgery. We also have a lot of school to get through as we try to catch up. Pray for perseverance – that Jacob would not get discouraged but walk through the week boldly. He truly is getting better and better each day – not leaps and bounds but steady and sure.

Thanks for hanging with us through all of this. You are a blessing.

Grace and peace,

Tom (Daddy)

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pauline said...

Thankyou so much for posting Jacobs Journey. My husband and I live in Southern California and visit Capitola a few times a year where we found out your families story. We have spent many hours in prayer and intercession for Jacob and Connor and everyone else you have named on your blog. It has been a privelege and honor to approach the throne of God with petition and praise, humbleness,thanksgiving and a listening ear.We all journey together in life and I thank your family for allowing us to hear your story and walk with you thru it. We are truly called to bear one anothers burdens. Blessings to you all, Pauline