Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thinking about community...

Today we had an appointment that was quite helpful; it was more of information really to help us as we move forward with rehabilitation. Really each choice that we are making right now is to give Jacob the best possible opportunity for recovering as much of his life as possible. He asked us tonight about the missing muscles in his back. What will that do to limit him? From what we understand it will affect his arm movement - perhaps for paddling his board. He will work at building other muscles and find ways to adapt and compensate. We have seen so many that have done so. Bethany Hamilton the young surfer who lost her arm has learned to not just surf again but surf in major competitions. That is what we move toward as parents - our children to move away from dependence on us, giving them responsibility as they can be trusted, freeing them more and more as they mature.

One thing I know is that we cannot judge others for what they do with their children. But also that we need community around us to help in the maturity process. We have been blessed with friends, pastors, teachers, who have built and are building into our boys. When difficulties rise many tend to withdraw and hide or cover up and hide. Yet in the midst of a trusted community of people we can love and support each other and carry one another's burdens. We need to find ways to strengthen this community, people you can count on.

Both Jessica and Andrew who we have been praying for are making remarkable progress. I have posted on the left column here links to those that we are praying for. I hope that it helps and makes it easier to connect to them. Read. Pray. Surround them with the same love that we are experiencing. I also received an email from an old friend Susie as well who is having surgery right before Christmas on her jaw. Pray that she will be home for Christmas!

Also, I just have to say it again: Please pray for the family of Sarah Botill. Not surprisingly, I received an email from a friend who is connected to that community, as they are so devastated by her death. Our friend told me that this family is being surrounded and loved and that you can tell that so many are praying for them. Please do not stop.

Thanks for continuing to care and support us.

Tom (Daddy)

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Tim Aagard said...

It really warms the heart to think of how God has moved in his people in so many different ways to demonstrate in greater ways than before the kind of community He has designed us for. This journey has increased God's pleasure in us. But we have so far yet to go in refining and increasing and deepening this community. There are still many spots and wrinkles in the bride of Christ that need cleaning up and smoothing out. God's desire has been documented for 2000+ years. We have 30+ English versions of it. We are in the fight of our lives to "throw off the things that hinder so we can run the race marked out for us". The war on terror is a school yard argument compared to the war against God's kingdom, every member of the human race, and every element of creation (Romans 8).

As you have asked, bumping up our prayer life is the first thing to work on. We can also move from not only praying about physical problems and healing to eternally determinative spiritual problems all around the world for people in places we will never see with our eyes yet our heart will connect in intercession with God's listening ear. These prayers will be taken even further with the intercession of the Holy Spirit who knows God's will perfectly. (Romans 8) What an amazing thing to work with God in accomplishing His purposes at a pace faster than the speed of thought.