Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monty and Ruedi Keller

Sunday night and all three of my boys are home. Such a blessing; especially after getting this email from Austin asking for our community to pray:

here is the CaringBridge website link: here
Subject: Please pray for my 2 dear friends.

I've been following Jacob's story every step of the way. I'm so happy that everything turned out to be ok.
Now prayer is needed for the Keller family. Monty Keller, as Matthias (18) is fondly called, just finished his first semester at University of Hawaii. Brother Ruedi Keller (20) attends SF Culinary Accademy. Coming home for Christmas break, Monty's flight was supposed to arrive around midnight on Friday, December 18. The plan was for Ruedi to pick him up from the airport and take him home to Ruedi's apartment before going to the family home in San Rafael the following day. The flight was delayed several hours due to mechanical difficulties. Monty texted Ruedi at 4:00 a.m. that his flight had arrived. Ruedi drove his bright green Geo Prism to the airport. His apartment is within 15 min from the airport. Monty checked no baggage, so the pick up was quick.

The boys proceeded to Ruedi' apartment from the airport. They came off 280 onto Junipero Serra, traveling north. A 911 call was received about the accident at 4:33 a.m. They had been rearended by a late model turbocharged VW driven by a 21-year-old young man from Fremont. Officers at the site estimated from the wreckage and the scattering of debris that the VW was traveling at about 100 mph. We do not yet know what happened to Geo after the rear impact. We do know that it was mangled beyond recognition. The VW traveled perhaps 100 yards down the median of Junipero Serra until striking a pole. The VW driver did not survive the crash.

We surmise that Ruedi was tired and asked Monty to drive--Monty was found in the driver's seat and Ruedi was found in the back seat by officers at the accident scene. God was looking out for the boys--they could hardly have picked a better place to have a terrible accident--the accident occurred within a mile of one of the top 3 trauma hospitals in the country, San Francisco General Hospital. What's more, the top neurosurgical team from UCSF, a top neurological team in the country, was on shift at the time, and both boys are attended by the chief of that team. The boys arrived there within about an hour of the crash. Both arrived unconscious but breathing on their own.

Mother Meg received the call at about 5:30, as she neared the end of her nursing night shift at Novato Community Hospital.Between the two of them, the boys suffered only Ruedi's two broken ribs. Spinal cords check out fine. No internal bleading. Ruedi suffered a lung puntured by broken rib, but that resolved early in the day Saturday. Initially ultrasound showed a cut on Monty's kidney, but later films showed that to be gone.

The Concern:
Head trauma for both boys is the concern. Throughout the day Saturday, both boys remained in a coma, under sedation and anti-siezure medications. They were placed on respirators. The team performed two CT scans and placed intracranial pressure and H2O monitors on both boys.

Monty had the most significant injury. His CT showed relatively small bruising/bleading on the back of the brain. Ruedi had no bruising/bleading. Both had intracranial swelling. Monty's swelling resulted in pressure early in the day at about 23. That later reduced to about the 6-10 range. Under 20 is desired. Ruedi's pressure was under 10 all day.

The medical team's plan is to check the boys' mental status three times per 12-hour shift. They reduce the sedation and assess the stumulus that evokes response from the boys. Monty remained non responsive each time he was checked yesterday. Ruedi reacted to poking. One nurse reported that in checking Ruedi he gave her a "thumbs up" when asked a question designed to assess higher brain function. However, that report could not be confirmed on later inquiry. Also, the last assessment before 9 p.m. received no response from Ruedi.

Please get the community aware. Please pray for them.

As so many of you have been praying for Jacob and then for all those that we encounter on this journey, we invite a tremendous concert of prayer to be raised for Monty and for Ruedi. Miracles have and do continue to take place.

Lord, hear our prayer - the cry of our heart.
Restore our sons, heal our children.
Cover them with your strong loving arms and
envelope them in your spirit.
Help them, Lord, to know your pressence, to feel your comfort.
I ask Lord if I might, that your peace may cover each and every family member
that has been impacted by this trajedy:
      - the Keller family and friends
      - the family of this young woman that lost her life
      - doctors, nurses, therapists and fireman that responded
Lord this touches so many. Pour out your peace, compassion, grace...
Restore, heal, and comfort these brothers and bring them home for Christmas.
The burden is so great - ever widening net of suffering - ever widening opportunity to bless.

With great burden,

Tom (Daddy)

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