Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dental blessing continues...

Two local Aptos dentist and their staff have incredibly blessed us. A couple months back they asked us permission to run a special program of whitening teeth and giving all the money to help us with Jacob's expenses. Angela from their office sent me this email today:
"We are excited to inform you that we have collected a GRAND TOTAL for the teeth whitening of $5175.00, (that's a lot of brite smiles out there, all shining for Jacob !!!!!!) The doctor's were so amazed by the outpouring that we will be extending the date until the 1st of February."
They have also been so great at being available to help us with our families dental needs. This community is so incredible. On the left you can find the information on the dental office. Make your appointment for January. Even though they are closed I am sure you can leave a message.

We are so thankful for this continued outpouring of love. As we approach the Christmas week we are all so eager to welcome Robbie home. I am so excited to have all three boys together and to just celebrate and enjoy each other. Jacob is doing well. His thumb is still being watched closely but seems to be healing. He is just finished his 1st week of the third time on antibiotics. So three more weeks and then we can schedule the surgery for his skull cap. I think we are all just holding on to this very loosley.

Miracles continue to happen. Christmas is the celebration of an incredible, world changing miracle. Miracles still happen today - I got one asleep upstairs. I pray that we would not miss the miracles that are before us as we gather with our families and friends. Even in the midst of despair and heartache - the miracles are there - maybe we need to wipe the tears away and look a little harder. God is moving and acting and speaking - my prayer for myself is that I would pay better attention.


Tom (Daddy)

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Anonymous said...

Tom -
I'm with you on looking for miracles around us. I, too, have one in my house - I can't believe he'll be 10 in just over a month!!! I definitely wouldn't have believed that I'd be where I am today if you'd told me about my life 10 years ago.

One thing Dad's taught me is that we can see God at work around us, if we're willing to look for it. And we need to do that.

Thank you for reminding us of that, and for sharing your heart with us. Enjoy your miracles (all 3 of them - ;P) and remember the biggest demonstration of love ever.

Thinking of you and wishing I could see you in person.....