Thursday, December 3, 2009

Appointment Day!

I am writing from the hospital - okay not really - we are next door at the medical center which is on the same campus at Santa Clara Kaiser. Jacob and I are sitting in the cafeteria. We finished 3 of our 4 appointments. First we went to the wound clinic and had his thumb and heel checked. Thumb is looking good - they gave us some advice on how to dress it a little differently to help the heeling. In this case blood red is good...and it is looking good. He had a nick on his heel that was bleeding as well and we need to pad it a little differently. He will always have to be very careful with his feet.

We then went to PT for some exercises for balancing. He is looking so much stronger. He did some walking on the treadmill. Jake really needs to work more on stamina than anything else. After PT we went to OT where she worked on his skin movement on the burn sites. He has scaring on top of scaring and we are trying to mash the fibers together. Which brings us our last appointment (in 4 minutes). Jake is getting fitted for a pressure garment which will help in the the scar compression. Will write more after that - Jake will need to do more Farmville on Facebook. :)

7:00 pm - we just got home. The fitting for the pressure garments was a long process. Plus we stopped at his favorite sushi place in Los Gatos to spoil him - his waitress was not working though. Although it was a long, hard day on Jake - very frustrating for him, it was a very progressive day from my viewpoint. He made huge strides in both OT and PT and these pressure garments will really help the healing of his burn areas. It feels good to be on the "making progress" side of things - to really see it and for health professionals say "you are doing very good." That is a win.
Jake is up resting and eagerly awaiting a couple of friends coming up to watch the Office with him.
Grace and peace,
Tom (Daddy)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy it went well today. I will continue to pray and think of you all often. You go Jake!!!

Bob Duffy said...

Still praying for JK and the entire Kirkendall family. What joy to have JK have come this far for the Holidays, as we celebrate the One for whom the Holidays exist!