Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Gala

Tonight we were able to be a part of an incredible event - the Valley Medical Center Burn Center Gala. This dinner and auction was set up to benefit the Burn Center itself but also those that come through that amazing place. It was incredible in that we were able to connect with Dr's. and Nurses that cared for Jacob - they got to meet Jacob and talk to him. Jake does not remember any of them - his memory was of Kaiser. It was a beautiful even benefiting some beautiful people - an incredible community - of we are fully a part of. We also were able to include at our tables some people that were close to us on this journey: Greg and Patty (Greg is the fireman who saved Jacob), Jim and Sue (evening Tom/Debbie/Jacob care), Lisa and Paul (Lisa gave Tom/Debbie/Jacob the morning care), Debbie and John (family we came to know and love), Julie and Jean-Marc (Debbie's sister), Kirky (Tom's sister) and of course the Kirkendall 5. We were not able to make it through the whole evening as Jake's back started really hurting him - long time for him to sit.

Jacob was one of two survivors recognized for the the encouragement that they gave to the staff - reminding them why they do what they do - hope, healing, love and caring. He also were able to meet some burn survivors and hear other stories as his story still unfolds and he begins to get a voice for all of this. I am so incredibly proud of him - to see his heart emerge from this journey. He truly does have a genuine and caring heart. One survivor read a poem and Jake made sure to thank her. She gave him a poem that she wrote in the midst of her pain.

The Lost Me
by Suzanne Soucy
What once was beautiful,
will now never be the same.
For, I only have myself to blame
I use to walk proud...
I'd hold my head high
That's how I used to be
When people walk by
Only, now days I am sad
My hearts are filled with sorrow
I almost don't care about tomorrow.
I'm so mangled and battered
What the shouldn't matter.
But it does...I guess, just because
I sure do miss who I was.
I know on the inside I'm still the same
but on the outside? Huh I'm not!
I look in the mirror
and it's not my face---it's just not!
Yes, it's true; the mirror doesn't lie.
That, know one can deny
But what it doesn't seem to show --
is I have one of the biggest hearts I know.
All I could keep thinking tonight was that this is not over yet. There is more to do - not just with Jake but with others. Faith, hope and love are very connected.
Peace and love
Tom (JK Daddy)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for today's post. The human spirit is complex and beautiful. Life is complex and beautiful. The human spirit's journey through life is a string of pearls. Each pearl is a unique product of many many layers built up over time. Some of the pearls are slightly misshapen. . . and together these pearls glow and radiate and remind us of that journey.

Jacob, hang in there friend. You're a great source of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jake will someday be a source of hope and encouragement for others like that burn survivor. He definitely has a good heart and he knows about God's love and mercy. He can probably see things in others like what that woman felt the mirror couldn't show. Then he can let them know that's who they really are and how they are seen by God. I hope that Gala was an encouragement for him even though he had to leave early in pain.
Still reading, still praying, still feeling very blessed by Jacob's Journey--
~Ginger R.