Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanks and prayers tonight...

Jake's CT scan went very well. While we were at the hospital we were able to see a neurologist to and make some necessary adjustments to his current meds. He is still on an anti-seizure med and will be on it until after the skull cap is replaced. It was a long tiring day and though his back is still hurting it does seem to be getting better. He was able to do some walking and such. In the midst of all of this we received a triple blessing from Tom, Drew and four wonderful ladies. It still amazes me that you all are with us. We also want to expand this community.

Robbie posted this earlier...please surround the Sinclair family with our love and support and prayers as we desperately plea for another young man. Check out their website and lift them before the Lord - may God's presence surround and engulf them. This is the next step of Jacob's Journey or this Journey Through Fire - to come alongside others. It is what I know God is leading us to - the Church BEING the Church - and we as those called by Chosen to love and good deeds.

In thanks and wounded prayers.

Tom (JK Daddy)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kirkendall's and Jacob's Journey community for praying and encouraging the Sinclair's. What an amazing sense of hope can be received through community rising up in prayer and shedding love on those who need it most. May you all be blessed for your diligence in faith.

Courtney Grewohl

Anonymous said...

Keep blogging - we are still with you! We are still praying and watching God's miracle unfold in Jacob's life. Keep on, keepin' on.

The Christensens

Tim Aagard said...

" - to come alongside others. It is what I know God is leading us to - the Church BEING the Church - and we as those called by Chosen to love and good deeds."

Yes! Saints whom God has bonded together to engage with the Kirk-Suffering/Trial are now being asked by God to be reproductive with the love God has poured through us. All living things must reproduce or wither and die. God's design for the organism of Christ's body is to reproduce with us doing the "love and good works". Few of us have seen each other, but we don't need to. We're walking by "faith not by sight". We are "fixing our eyes, not on what is seen but what is unseen..." Jesus, who is the head, who indwells us, the designer and power source of everything here, is our mutual connection. It's time again to stretch our interceding prayer, self and $ giving beyond our current willingness. We are not maxed out yet. We have not arrived at full maturity yet. There is more living water to spring up into us to overflow from our hearts to Andrew. We don't have to know or have seen Andrew to invest. Let's expect God to expand His purposes through us. Andrew is one more. There will be more.