Thursday, November 5, 2009

is waiting ever perfected?

I have not written from the hospital for a while. I am sitting here in pre-op as we wait and wait and wait. We thought the surgery was going to be around 5. The surgeon was ready but the rooms were still occupied. And so we have been here since 10:30 am. We are hoping that surgery will happen by 9 and we will be done by 11. But we are not holding any breath. We have been here before...remember? We do. It has just been a while.

Jake is frustrated and his back is bugging him on this bed. He gets up and walks around here and there. He has not been able to eat since this morning and has not had water since noon. Of course you will all be glad to know that Jim and Sue are here - they brought us dinner - Jake's will be available for him after surgery if he feels like eating. My sister is with Jensen and I am sure they are having a blast. What was an everyday thing a month ago has returned. Back in the hospital.

What seemed to be working out so perfectly for us hours ago has left us having to remain flexible. But we are so thankful that we are going through this - finally getting to surgery on his thumb and to cover up that bone. Thankful that we are not amputating even the tip. Thankful that he will have some use. He is already starting to use his right hand a bit more - although it feels strange and is highly sensitive. It feels really awesome to be having this simple graft rather than a more elaborate flap that would leave his hand sewn to his body for 4 weeks. It feels good to close it up and see how God heals it. We may have to return to it down the road and do something else or it will heal on it's own (God's help) and Jake will learn how to adapt.

Regardless tonight we wait but we wait with eager anticipation to move forward and get on with another step of healing. It is not perfectly how we would like it to go - but we are moving forward and see hope in the midst of the wait.

Grace and peace

Tom (JK Daddy)

OR nurses just got here to start the is now 8:30

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are still there. Been praying for you tonight. Hang in there Jacob!! We are looking forward to hearing the good news from you. Guy