Friday, November 6, 2009

I am working on 4 hours sleep so nothing that follows may be coherent. Today, despite the wild all-niter in surgery was amazingly wonderful. I woke up at 7 and got Jensen to school then came home and started doing some reading and cleaning and organizing at home. Jake woke up and it was time to go to IHOP. I had forgotten at the wee ours of the morning we had promised that when he woke up. On the way down the hill we decided for Red Apple instead. Getting into the car Jake's back was hurting - he was stressed - which increases the tension - increasing the pain. Yet the ride and the time at the restaurant for me and Jake and Debbie went very well - it was so cool to sit there and be together. Jake even asked the waitress what she thought of when she saw his head. She had already seen his picture in the newspaper but did not want to ask. 

We then headed over the hill to pick-up Robbie from the airport. Jake wanted to go - he wanted to surprise Rob. Again special time. We then got home and a bit later Rene, the pastor at Twin Lakes came up to hang out with Jake. It was a very affirming time for all of us. Watching Rene and Jake talk and for Jake to start to see a message of hope for others through this was so affirming. We get to share in the Sunday morning services at Twin Lakes as they are in the midst of a series on "Hope". 

Saturday night we are unable to be at Twin Lakes for that service because we will be at a Gala fundraiser benefitting the Valley Medical Burn Center. Though it will be a busy weekend there is movement forward and celebrations for this family and this community. We need to celebrate don't we? We need to stop and take a breath and look back at what God has done and is doing in our midst. It is so easy to plow ahead without asking simple questions. These questions can serve to refine and direct and make sure that we are headed correctly in our direction. 

Jake honestly gets overwhelmed and still hurts so badly - not physically but mentally as he lingers in a moment: this is not how things should be, I should be here and there and doing this. He also hurts physically and these things feed off of each other. And then we stop and we breath and we remember how far we have come and what we are moving toward and we evaluate. That brings discovery as reality is revealed and we evaluate. God is still the same - we are the ones scurrying about trying to figure things out. 

Hope leads us to tomorrow - It helps us move in today but we land in the lap of tomorrow - and we wait. Hope is not dead. Hope is not merely wishful thinking. It is placing our trust in the lap of the savior and allowing God to o the rest. 

May God be the source our strength, courage, treasure. I am definitely falling asleep. 

Grace, hope, peace and above 

Tom (JK Daddy) 

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