Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas is underway...

We got our tree today and of course forgot to get a picture of all of us around it. I am sure there is more to come but wanted to post these.

We live right around the corner from this tree lot. For years when we lived in town we would drive up to the Santa Cruz Mountains to cut down a tree. Now that we live in the mountains this is the first year we actually went a cut one down for various reasons. Our goal this year was get the tallest one on this lot.

Jake always disagrees with the tree that we pick out. True to form this one was not good enough. But the rest of us agreed and we had our fill. Nice to have Rob and Jensen to cut and carry - Robbie got a little carried away with the lifting on top of the car. The tree is up and we will spend tomorrow decorating it before Robbie heads back to college. We will all miss him but know that he will be back soon.

I was thinking about Thanksgiving and now approaching Christmas...what a blessing it is to be where we are right now. Jake was of course frustrated that he could not run around like he normally does and had to walk carefully with his helmet on... frustrated at not being "normal". Wanting to be whole again for Christmas. I reminded him of my birthday and the gift that he gave me - a standing hug. We take what we have and lay it before those that we love, not in greatness but in purity of heart. That is truly the best we have to give. "Lord, help me to be satisfied with what I do have, not longing for what I do not."

Grace and peace

Tom (Daddy)


Kayce said...

Beautiful tree!! Have fun decorating.

Jen and Katie said...

The more "normal" you have, the more "normal" will be. I am just checking in - one of your Santa Cruz neighbors sending good thoughts your way. And SO happy to see such normalcy going on - we are getting our tree today! Here's to much, more normal!

Einbildungskraft said...

happy joyful days!

Joslin3 said...

Beautiful! I know it must be frustrating at times for Jacob, that things aren't mooving along faster. But, wow, what an amazing improvement he has made. As a mom, as I read your blog entries I can't help be think over and over how thankful you must be each day to have him, just as he is. Praying for you all.