Wednesday, November 4, 2009

blessed to be unemployed

I am tired but wanted to put something up quickly to give a Jacob update. He is doing better. It was a long, hard day, but it feels like it is moving in the right direction. We had an appointment with the physical therapist, Abby. Jake was doing really well with all that Abby was having him do. He was lying down and as he got up he got dizzy and had a slight seizure. He has been having them here and there for the last few weeks. We went from there immediately and was able to get squeezed into seeing the neurologist that we saw last week. She had just called me this morning to change one of his medications. We really believe that it is due to the muscle relaxant that he has been taking for muscle spasms in his back. We already reduced it to only a half of a tablet at night but at this point are totally eliminating it.

Jake's back is doing better. He did not use his wheel chair at all for his appointments today. That is the most that he walked yet. He did well. We also got to go to sushi today together - just the two of us. It was great - one of our favorite things to do - not our favorite sushi place - but it was an amazing thing to treasure.

One of the amazing things that Jacob and I talked about was the blessing of being unemployed - he was feeling bad about it for me - but I told him that we have been given a treasure - an amazing gift. Our goal is that by January we are back in normal mode but for now so many have blessed us and allowed us to give our full attention on our family - taking care of our life, our family, our home. I can't say this is why I have been unemployed - I do not think it is that simple but it is a blessing to be unemployed. Perhaps through this we can get some things going to also be a blessing to others to take the lessons from the "Jacob's Journey Community" and extend that to others. There are so many that we can come alongside and bless - there will be more that we can bless and care for and love.

We are blessed to be a blessing. We are loved to be loving. We have hope to bring hope.

Tom (JK Daddy)

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Einbildungskraft said...

To think back on all that you have been through, & reaching this point... being able to eat sushi with your son Jacob. It is a blessing which must never be lost sight of. How the burden would have been lifted if you had known back then that you would be engaging in this activity only a few months later! And surely the progress will follow this trajectory!