Friday, November 13, 2009

Back a little better

Jake seemed to have a good day. He was greatly encouraged by his session with the physical therapist. She showed him some new exercises for his back and they really seemed to help him. His body has really compensated for the missing and damaged parts of his muscles, arm, heel and etc. He is working on strengthening and stretching and each day I see some improvement. We are all looking forward to a non-eventful weekend.

I found out last night that the Balloon Boy was a fake. I have not been following the news and had no idea that the parents had staged the whole thing in hopes of getting publicity for some reality show they were hoping to sell. I feel pretty betrayed - that I actually cried and prayed for them. The reality is that I need to pray for them all the more. When you take a step back and look you realize that there is far more of what we need to pray for them. None of us are beyond making that kind of decision, that kind of mistake.

More tomorrow.

Grace and Peace

Tom (JK Daddy)

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