Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"VIB" finally

I have been starting to go through the blog. Trying to compile and save our journal entries.

A few things have really struck me as I read things we have posted and the comments from others. The first that blows me away is the people that I now know who they are that in July where random strangers. I see names and start to associate what they wrote and that I have actually now met - now consider my friends. There are parents of Jacob's friends, pastors of various churches, nurses, firefighters, and wonderful people in the community. Then I started to notice people I have not seen in years that commented early on - people I did not know that they know and are following. I also started to remember - people we already know - maybe just waves in the parking lot - that have joined us and become far closer than friends.

One of the hard parts in relation to that is that when we do see each other I am not necessarily sure how much they know or have been affected (invested) in our journey. Yet overall it is just so amazingly encouraging to remember and to read the encouragements and prayers. This is still the hardest thing we have ever been through. I hate it and often times do not know what to do as Jacob, my son, struggles with back pain, headaches, discouragement do to limitations. This has affected our family and altered how we interact, what we do, how we conduct ourselves. Some have actually been good - yet some are challenging for each of us.
That is why I am so thankful that you can now get a V.I.B. (Vacation in a bottle). Don't we wish that it were really that easy? No probably not.
We are trying some new things to give Jacob some back relief. I get (we get) so frustrated with this pain on top of everything else that he is going through. Yet reading through the blog reminds me that we have come so far. Flipping through the "Pray for Jacob" photo album with so many of your wonder faces smiling and reminding us that he is covered is strengthening. I will not understand everything God has and has had in mind through this journey but I will cling to the the presence of God each step. I was going to say that he carries me through it - but I am not really liking that picture. For me at least it is that I am lifeless and not doing anything - not really what Christ calls us to. I am thinking more along the lines of my prayer as I looked at Jacob in the hospital bed. That Jesus would lie there with him and that they would become one.
I need to start praying that for myself - that my journey would be fused and that my steps and Christ's steps would be indistinguishable. I need to pray that for Jacob as well. That is the ever-present reality of Christ - and that is why Christ told his disciples he was leaving. Read John around Chapter 14 through 16 I think. Jesus said he had to leave so that the Ever-Present Spirit of God the Holy Spirit would come and guide us, comfort us, move with us.
Lord may I diminish, not to be less, but to be more
Lord may you increase, not to condemn me, but to restore
Make my steps, your steps
Make my words, your words
Make my touch, your touch
That I might be a blessing to others in greater proportion each day
There is absolutely nothing that can separate us from the love of God, but we try very hard.
We have a chance to transform our community by simply allowing Christ, God, Spirit to fill us and affect those around us with blessing. I am still so far away from being this - from doing this. Yet tomorrow is another day.
Grace and peace be yours in abundance,
Tom (Dad)


Debbie said...

Tom--I always have a gazillion thoughts and emotions as I read the blog. It's so hearty. Way beyond milk...solid food for our souls, our questions, our conclusions, our hope.

I just kept thinking of a verse in II Chronicles as I read this mornings blog..."The Lord looks to and fro to STRONGLY support those whose hearts are completley His" there is no question your hearts...you, Debbie, Robbie, Jacob and Jensen's hearts are continually leaning in towards God, seeking Him, trusting Him, waiting on Him.

Today it is my prayer that you all will be engulfed in the strong support that God gives freely, not to those who have it all together, or figured out, but to those who call on Him, who look to him...who lean into Him. May you feel that support...the kind that secures and comforts when security and comfort seem so far from grasp.

With all of our love...

Noree said...

Dear hearts...
So many are still with you on this journey. Thank you for your faithful blogs...for always speaking from the heart and WITH heart.
Love you all, Tommy...
Bless, bless, bless,
Noree and fam