Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thumb Decision

Just wanted to offer a quick update on behalf of my family. We are all feeling pretty exhausted for our own respective reasons, and I for one am overwhelmed at the stuff Jake will have to face in the future.

Jake has more or less made the decision to have a simple skin graft done on his thumb, with the possibility of more extensive plastic surgery a few years down the road. He decided against a different procedure where his thumb would be sewed into a flap in his side, thereby causing his whole right arm to be immobile. He decided it would be more important to be working on physical therapy on his arm for those 3-4 weeks that his hand would be sown into his side.

I for one am proud of Jake making this decision, and extremely grateful that he has the ability to make this decision for himself. What a blessing, and sometimes a curse, that he is aware of his own condition. It is incredibly hard to see what he must go through, but a blessing that he has life and vitality.

Thats it for now. But one more thing: I cannot express enough how amazing it is to hear from the people who are following this blog or have heard of the story - to hear either how you have been affected by our story, or how you have a story from your life that resonates with our story. If you feel so led, please email us at and tell us your story. It has been a huge encouragement for me to hear from some of you who have done this already. Because it is not about me or you, it is about us.


Rob (Jake's bro)

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John Hixson said...

Oh, Tom, I daily/nightly have been praying for God's total healing of Jacob's thumb. I guess the story's not over yet. I keep reminding God of how little time it took for Him to heal so many folks when Jesus was on earth. But He reminds me that not everyone was healed. So then I remind Him that Jesus said "I will do whatever you ask in My name".
We have these conversations, & I just want you to know that because of your blog & Jacob's Journey, I am so much closer to God than I've ever been. I keep on searching His Word for answers. And the words that He sends to me are "faith", "hope", and "love". You & your family are experiencing all of these. But I plead with our Father for "healing", "comfort", and "joy" for all of the Kirkendalls. May God bless you totally!
love from Judy