Friday, October 9, 2009

Thanks Greg and crew...

How in the world do begin to say what is on your heart to the man who saved the life of your son? How do you say thank you? What can you give back to show your gratitude?

Last night Captain Greg Hansen and his team, Scott Cullen, Ryan Peters and Jim Dias were honored by the board of directors of the Aptos/La Selva Fire District. We were able to be in attendance. I have been playing phone tag with Greg for the last few weeks trying to come up with a time where they could meet Jake. Last night was the first time that Jake and Greg met.

Driving home, honestly I wanted so much more recognition for them - for Greg especially who risked his own life to rescue Jacob - knowing what electricity can do - being trained in these circumstances he took his life in his own hands so save the life of another. I do not think there is an award, a shrine, a monument big enough.

The simple fact is that I who am just getting to know these men believe that seeing Jacob - meeting Jacob - talking to Jacob - was an incredible award. Honored by superiors - special recognition - awesome but to save a life is so much greater. Honestly our family has once again expanded.

Speaks a load about our response to God. Not a whole lot we can do for the sacrifice of his son - for our eternal life - simply our presence.

As for Jacob? He is sitting next to me right now - building a farm on Facebook or something. Every now and then his little netbook makes cow and horse sounds. Strange. His back seems to be better. Physical therapy gave him some exercises to strengthen his back - basically work on his posture. His body has been through a lot. But we of course are thankful that he is around to feel these aches and pains of rehab.

We are still waiting to hear from the doctor regarding Jake's thumb surgery. Jake will be done with his antibiotic on October 20th. We were just told this week at two weeks after that he will have a CT Scan to design the for skull replacement. Then they will need to make the piece and then schedule the surgery. So hopefully by the end of the year we will be through with the major surgeries. Okay so that is my sketchy plan but as we all know the roller coaster rarely listens to me. But fortunately God is in control of the roller coaster - even on the corkscrews.

Amazed by Grace - Amazed by God.

Tom (Jake's Dad)

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