Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Such a value

Pretty normal day for Jake. Exercises, school, trip down to Santa Cruz with mom. We are still waiting for word on when surgeries might be. Our pediatrician is working on getting us some kind of information or plan of attack. Jensen pulled me aside tonight and was so excited. He said, "Dad, Jacob is doing so much better. He is walking more without his cane and he looks so much better." Jensen was excited. I told him that he could tell Jake that because Jake does not always feel like he is getting better.

So thankful that he is getting stronger. So much to be thankful for.

After our house fire we had a big lesson in receiving. Having been unemployed for over a year others have blessed us and we have had big lessons in receiving. This lesson we thought we had learned: how to receive. Yet through this hardship on Jacob's Journey we have been blown away by such generosity - what we thought we had learned before God had deeper lessons still. Having been a part of the service at our former church in Watsonville last Sunday was such a blessing for us - we received such a warm embrace - honestly it was greater than necessary - borderline embarrassing to get the attention. We are so grateful. Tonight I drove Jensen down there so that he attend their Jr. High group. Ron Marsh and Mike Conly, pastors at the church, gave me a check from an offering they took for us after we left the service - overwhelmed with gratitude - another lesson in receiving. We did not expect that at all - so thankful for the loved poured out on us - on Jacob. There is no response that can express the gratitude. There are such amazing people in that congregation - what a blessing just to stand and worship with them. It brought back such amazing memories.

All we can say once again is "thank you, we love you."

Looking at what Christ did on the cross - the only response is gratitude: thank you, we love you, we surrender our lives to you. For God saw in us a value that is worth the sacrifice of his son. Value of including us in his kingdom so that we might be his child. Thank you.

Value – worthy of purchase
I have such little value, Lord
rejected by so many
no possessions of my own
owing more than I hold
failure seems to follow efforts

I want to say that you value me, Lord
yet I feel so foolish – so worthless
I have so little to offer
I don’t preach well, pray well, love well
there is nothing in me that is but stench

I have nothing of value to bring to you, Lord
humanity celebrates those who bring value
one who is eloquent with words, bends our ears
one who has beauty to behold, delights our eyes
smart, funny, pretty, talented – those we elevate

What is it that you value, Lord?
a heart that is contrite, repentant, pure
worship that is authentic, surrendered, sanctified
activity that brings restoration, healing, hope
peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, love, self-control

I have such great value, Lord
acceptance – chosen, set apart by the creator
presence – Father, Son, Spirit – indwelling my heart
salvation – my greatest debt paid on the cross
sanctification – being made holy, sacred, of great value

Value is determined by the price one is willing to pay
I cling to the cross – it shows my value
I remember your death – it purchase my life
I praise you and honor you – moment by moment
Teach me dear Lord to see value through you

Tom (Dad)

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Tom,
Jesus himself was nothing to look at, to impress people with outward value, yet so many were so drawn to Him because of the love that flowed from Him.

And even if you feel like you appear to have nothing of value to the world, I think people are also drawn to you because you show such love for people and for God. And Debbie is the same way. I love you, Deb!

Maybe I'm speaking mostly for myself, but I think this is true for many who know you both face to face and only through your writing in this blog. We feel God's love through you and it makes you highly valued because we all need that love so much.

Hope you keep feeling all the love!