Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prayer for back pain

I would simply like to give a prayer update with this post. Please include these items in your prayers and lift Jake up to the Lord, as I know so many of you continue to do on a regular basis.

1) He has been having severe back pain. It is extremely frustrating for him, and hinders his therapy at times. On top of everything else he has been through, it is extraordinary that this is the only pain he speaks of. However it is still pain, and I have been asking God to simply take this back pain away.

2) Yesterday my parents and Jake had a meeting with the thumb doctor. It will be decided this week between two types of procedures, one of which is a bit bizarre. Please just pray that we would see swift recovery of the thumb, and that Jake would have courage for whatever lies ahead in that.

3) The head surgery will be coming up in early December. This will possibly be the last major surgery.

4) The stress, exhaustion, and dynamics of my family.

I am learning to trust in Christ as the Incarnated one, the one who had healing power because he perfectly lived in light of the Kingdom. He set an example for us. He lived out the mission of God to this world - to heal, to restore.

"And all the crowd sought to touch him, for power came out from him and healed them all."
From Luke 6.

Two things that I need so badly to wrestle with, to find the line between asking God to take away pain and living with contentment:

1) Christ does heal, and we should make our requests clearly known to him. It is OK to ask God to take away the pain. I have been in a place a few times where I ask God to make it as if none of this had ever happened.
2) The message of Christ tells us that this healing is much more holistic than the simple fixing of all of our problems. It is a restoration of the world, an infection of the Kingdom, and we can trust that despite whatever outward or inward things happen, the Kingdom is being spread through him. We must trust the one who came to heal the world.

-Rob (Jake's brother)


Mari said...

Thanks Robbie for the prayer specifics...we'll be praying this morning/week for all of the above. And as always, we appreceiate your insight & transparency in your writings (your dad's too) which so many can relate to & grow from! Love & healing to you all! The Kings

Anonymous said...

If his pain is muscular, try rubbing Arnica Oil or gel on it. You can get it at Staff of Life, Whole Foods, New Leaf, etc. It reduces swelling and pain in the muscles. I liken it to WD40, only for the body.