Sunday, October 18, 2009

In Corralitos this morning

I am heading out for Corralitos in a few hours. I have an opportunity to share Jake's Story there. I got really caught up this week in "worry" around this morning and what I would say. Feeling like I had to have a polished sermon that clearly communicates the story and hope in the midst of tragedy. It was a difficult week to prepare. Everything seemed to interrupt my time. Even yesterday when by design I would have defined alone time - it did not seem to work. By the time I finally had some time it was 9 and I was falling asleep. I read a little, blogged a little...but what I thought I had to say just seemed ridiculously scattered.

I woke up at 4:45 this morning. Awake and ready to go. It is now approaching 8 am and I have peace - not that what I have to say seems to be really good or anything - more of a peace about where I am going and have the opportunity to do - share in community and embrace the journey. Most of the friends at Corralitos know the story and I realized it is an opportunity for dialogue - to hear and understand more of what God is doing in our community. Instead of going to talk - I have an opportunity to listen.

As I was reading and writing down thoughts for this morning I was reading through the blog at the comments - some I remember and some I do not remember - stories - people intersected from our past, present, and now future. This is so limited. I cannot reply directly to a comment on the blog - I do not even know full who they are as it comes up "anonymous" sometimes or a nickname at other times. This morning we get to have a dialogue - as Debbie put it a cup of coffee with a friend (favorite hobby).

Join me in prayer for this dialogue. I am not yet sure if Debbie and Jacob will come - depends on how he is feeling. Most of all pray that we allow God into this moment and embrace the very real presence of the Spirit of God in this moment. If in a moment tragedy could change a life forever, is it not possible that a moment in the presence of God could as well?

Grace and peace in abundance

Tom (JK Daddy)

“When we are at our wits’ end for an answer, then the Holy Spirit can give us an answer. But how can He give us an answer when we are still well-supplied with all sorts of answers of our own?" - Karl Barth


Cheryl Nickel said...

I met you the other day in the library at AHS. My name is Cheryl. If Jake feels up to it he can come in to the library any time just to hang with his friends. I have set up a small private room in the back of the library with a turntable. The kids like to come in and listen to records and chat. Jake could come in and visit during lunch and I would make that room availabe to them. Or he can come and just hang out on the couch. Any time.

Wilkins Family said...

We absolutely loved having you and Jacob in church today! You guys are a blessing and an inspiration to all. We continue to pray for big miracles. Love you guys!