Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hoping for some prayer...

Quick post to ask for prayer. Today just seemed to be a busy Saturday of little stuff. A little cleaning. A little hanging out with dear friends. Just an average day. We intended to go down to Santa Cruz and hit Betty's Burgers but Jake seemed to be just not doing great. A lot of it is emotions - nervous over the pending MRI and subsequent surgery. That just seems to loom and cause anxiety. So if you could in the midst of all else - continue to pray for the thumb, the MRI on the thumb, the surgery on the thumb, the state of Jake's thumb. And with all that pray for his emotions - sadness, anxiety, fear. As a lot of us know it can pull us down and grip our heart - making it hard to move, hard to breathe. Pray for freedom - freedom of worry. Pray for hope - focus on God's hand.

Tomorrow we are going to share a bit of the story at FBC - Watsonville. It is a church that we served at for 5 years. It is a bit like going home. We went through a bit of a journey together as a church. There are a lot of people very dear to us. A lot of people that we love. It will be good - but it will of course be hard too. Pray that in the midst of the message there is hope, encouragement and of course love.

All of this I ask - knowing that I do not even need to ask for prayer. Knowing that so many pray if I ask or not truly, truly encourages us. For right now I must admit that I am tired. The burden is heavy but the load is shared. I thank my God for those that I know and those that I have yet to meet who consider us and pray.

In Hope,

Tom (Dad)


Mari said...

We are on it! Will be praying for all of the above! God is still right here & so is your prayer support! I emailed my parents & they'll pray with their church in Wisconsin in the morning too. Much love.. hope.. peace

Erika Wilkins said...

I am praying! Still thinking of you all the time! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Still praying. Love and high spirits coming your way. May they lift your spirits and lighten your load. Thumb prayers continue daily. Much love!

John Hixson said...

Seeing you at FBC today was a gift from God for me! And, Debbie, just want you to know that I definitely heard your request regarding the preservation of your marriage, since I know several couples whose marriages suffered endings after ordeals with their children. Satan will try to tear down whatever he can when godly people, like your family, continue to thrive in the midst of a crisis. But now my prayers and love for the Kirkendalls continue to grow, not fade. May you all sense God's loving presence with you, His strength, His guidance, all of His provisions.
love and blessings from Judy (Danny's nana)