Saturday, September 19, 2009

working things out...

It is soooo good to be home - to not have to go to the hospital everyday. For Debbie to sleep at home (although last night on the couch next to Jake) and for Rob to be home is phenomenal. Honestly there has been a lot of silence though. I think we are exhausted. There is a lot of adjustments to be made. The routine of medication and bandage changes is lead by Debbie. We are still dividing things that she will be primarily focused on Jake and I will lead with Jensen and figuring out career focus.

Jacob has three therapy appointments this next week: physical, occupational and speech. He is walking tremendously well though we are still right next to him. He has very good use of his left hand but very minimal still with his right. At this point we are scheduled for surgery on his thumb on October 2nd.

I write this in our family room and right now 5 friends are here making Jacob a breakfast burrito. They came in and took over the kitchen - tremendously awesome. Having been in youth ministry forever - this is totally comfortable. It also has livened Jacob's day. It is hard for him at times - wishing all this would go away - he told me it is a "nightmare". Now though, in the midst of hanging with his friends...he is just Jacob. That is what he longs for - to be Jacob again. And though I am so thankful and amazed that I have my son back on the couch, I understand and hurt for him.

We celebrated Robbie's 20th birthday today with a special cake made by Pam the wife of one of the nurses at the Burn Unit. Here is her blog: Pam's Custom Cakes The best part I think was having all my sons home and also having Jim and Sue and their son Justin with us. On the one hand we are back home, but on the other hand home will never be the same. And Jim and Sue are a big part of that - a big part of our family. They were with Jacob and Debbie every night - making sure they had dinner - watching over them - putting them to bed. We all highly treasure them.

Today I had the opportunity to participate in a funeral for a friend. He chose to end his life. Sitting there watching everything, listening to others, trying to share a bit of my own, listening to his two wonderful children - I could see the hand of God. I could see it in the early part of Larry's life as he lived a life trying to line up with God and later in life when he seemed to fully reject God. His life took a turn - through choices he made and circumstances beyond his control - he chose to walk away from God. It is so so easy to allow life to crowd out hope, faith and love. It is so easy to get distracted what is most important. It is so easy to miss the majesty of God - because of the veil that covers our eyes. It is so easy to miss God.

Even now with all that we have been through and the miracles that we have seen - it is easy to miss God in the midst of today. It is still easy to say I do not care about the miracles - today is too much, too hard. And yet God is still in today. God is still in the midst of rehab, sadness, the fear of being unable to make it up the hill ahead of us. God is still trying to get our attention that we might surrender our hearts over and over to him.

Phil 2:12-13 Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.

In the midst of each moment - Lord show your face to me. Help me to work out my salvation - surrender to you. One moment in your presence far outshines anything else in this world.

Peace and love

Tom (Dad)


Carolyn =^..^= said...

There's no place like home:)

Your writing... said...

Dear Tommy,
You write beautifully.
It is the truth.
Jacob is blessed with good friends, I bet the breakfast burrito tasted SO good :)
Each day is a miracle.