Friday, September 18, 2009

We are at home.

We are at home. Not just us but with dear friends helping us to move back in...Debbie is taking a nap, Jake is dozing next to me on the couch. Jensen is off talking with Robbie. Life is a bit settled. Okay settled may be the wrong word. We have as best we can all the medication organized - refrigerator cleaned out and bottles of anti-biotics are taking over - along with the protein drink supplements. Life is re-organized. Our friend Jim is helping us by creating a spread sheet for all the bandage changes and medication timings. We walked out of Kaiser with bags of medication and bandages.

We are also waiting for "Jacob's Story" to air tonight on Ch 46 - KION - it is a Monterey Bay station. Sorry if you can't get it where you live. It should be on the website tonight as well. Olga called tonight to tell me when it would be on - she has been very gracious through this process.

Jacob said he does want to try to go to the benefit tonight - so we shall see. He is pretty tired right now - still snoozing next to me.

Lord, thank you seems so weak right now.
In the midst of this moment we know greater peace,
greater joy, greater celebration than I can remember.
After the depths of sorrow in the midst of rebuilding,
in the blessing of the miraculous, in the hope of restoration
we have seen your hand - that in itself is blessing.
Not just that prayers have been answered,
not just that life has been saved,
but we rejoice and cry thank you as we have seen your face.

Tom (Dad) at home


Anonymous said...

I saw the news story just a little while ago! Great stuff! So glad they put out the word about the concert, too. Happy Adjustment!

Love, Ginger & fam

Johanna said...

All our prayers throughout the day with the children and tonight as I put them to bed included prayers of thanksgiving for your life and for this special day. Welcome home Jacob. Tom and happy for you...with much love, JD in ID

Anonymous said...

Words are weak right now, aren't they? I am amazed at the pure power of God's love. You are home together as a family, a miracle indeed. May God continue to comfort you, heal you ,and hold you ever so close. Rest well - you are home now.


Anonymous said...

I have never met you or your family...but I have kept up with Jacob's story...
I have prayed for your family. I am crying like a baby reading that Jacob is home.
I want you to know that I am a changed person reading this blog and knowing Jacob's story. Your family has changed my life for the better. I will forever love your family. You are all amazing and pure evidence of the Lord's grace....thank you forever....

Eric said...

If someone posts the "Jacobs Story" to youtube let us know about it. Would love to have been able to see it. Praises that Jacob is home now.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know you don't know me, but I have been reading your blogs for some time now and am overjoyed for you that Jacob is at home! I know you find it amazing, but I also find it amazing for you that your story and the power of the internet has allowed so many people, brothers and sisters across the nation, to rejoice with you in this moment. I am looking forward to any benefit concerts to come up my way so that I can be even more connected with your story.

Blessings to you and your whole family, and especially to Jacob, for this victorious moment of snoozing on the couch...just because he can. :)

Much love your way,
Ashley Read and a whole college-age bible study up in Sacramento.