Sunday, September 27, 2009


Praying for tomorrow as we begin our week.

Overall it has been a nice weekend. A bit of rest before a rather big week. Jacob wanted to make an appearance at a birthday party of a really awesome family - one Jacob really cares about a lot. We then to a drive along the ocean - a bit foggy and a lot cooler than the hot weather up at our place. Overall not a whole lot to report. I think today I am trying to focus more on tomorrow than yesterday. I spend too much time focusing on what I can't control - what has already happened. That is so hard to do - for we are shaped so much by what has happened in our past. I was rubbing lotion on Jake's burn areas on his right-side back, underarm, arm - heeling yes but oh so scared. There is still a lot of work for him to get that arm back to functional - a lot of rehab. Honestly - Jake did not know it - but I started tearing up a bit - thinking of how damaged he is and how much I wish this had not happened.

Dwelling on the past gets me know where unless I am able to apply the lessons God has for me. Not that I truly understand all the lessons but I do know that all this is all so shaping of who we are and who we are becoming. Jake is stressed a bit by the upcoming appointments...especially those that are talking about the surgeries. We have another one this week to discuss the thumb. That is a tough one - we know that many are praying and continue to seek God's peace and doctor's wisdom.

Praising God everyday that he has saved Jacob. Praying to God each day that he will continue to guide and direct and anoint Jacob for his purpose. We are blessed to be a blessing.

Thanks for blessing us.

Tom (Dad)


Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray each and every day for acceptance, for peace, for healing & for the continual flow of God's love. Pray for your family has become a part of my day - a chance to allow God's love and grace to flow through me and back out into the world.

Focus on the moment - for that is all that is real.

Joslin3 said...

Thank you for continuing to take the time to update us on all these things going on with your family.You guys have come so far. I am thanking God for that, and am asking and believing he will heal Jacob's thumb. Keep your chins up.

Mari said...

I was praying this morning with "Your Faithfulness" playing in the background and remembering when you first posted it from You Tube (it's been on our desktop since, along with Glorious Unseen). What a heartwrenching time that was when we were still praying that Jacob would come out of his coma... and would be Jacob! It brought the tears cascading all over again at the thought of that awful unknowing time where we lived in such a cloud of sadness and had to fight for faith to believe that God really would hear our cries for a miracle....Now we truly know His faithfulness! So with our faith strengthened, we can believe & know that God WILL complete what He has started, continuing to restore Jacob and guide & anoint him for His purpose. We will be praying for your upcoming appts, for doctor's wisdom, and for peace & strength for Jacob & all of you during this still difficult season of decision-making & rehab & recovery... Thank you for blessing us with this faith-building journey with you!
Gratefulness for God's Faithfulness, Mari
PS. Praying for a thumb miracle next!