Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As I sat tonight for a while alone in the room with Jacob after the surgery I was, as one dear friend describe it for me, numb. So thankful that Jake was back and that the surgery was successful and yet seeing him lying there on the bed as though he had gone through World War III was sobering. His head is not wrapped in gauze as it was before - it has yellow Xerofoam which is a wet gauze. They were able to do skin grafting on his heel during the surgery as well. So they did take some skin from his left thigh and they were able to hook up the vacuum therapy that they had on his hind side at the burn unit - very excited about that because of how well we saw it work. They also removed a muscle from his left back. A big part of rehab will be for Jake to start using other muscles to compensate for those now missing. He will also still need to have his thumb addressed in surgery.

All in all amazingly successful day. My heart breaks for him and longs to have seen another step forward as we have seen each day being here. But we knew this was coming and know it is what needed to happen. Even though he may look tattered it is a major step forward. There is more to come - pain, frustration, baby steps, huge leaps, but Jake will move forward - stronger and more purposeful than ever.

I think part of the lesson I am gaining in watching Jacob is the need to move through our pain to healing - no guarantees that there is not more pain to come but there is no going back once the pain begins only forward. In forward motion there comes healing at some point.

While I was staring numbly at Jacob i was getting Facebook and text messages from so many simply praising God for today's successful surgery. That actually was such a tremendous encouragement not to stay stuck in the numb and dread of seeing Jake thrashed from the surgery. It was like a continual slap in the face to remind me that this is a moment of praise. It can be so hard to rejoice and praise - purposefully stop and remind ourselves the miracles and answers to prayer.

Thanks for the reminders. Thanks for praying. Thanks for hanging with us. There is strength in community.

Praying and sleeping, resting in thankfulness.

Tom (Dad)


caroll said...

Thought of Jake most of the day. So happy to read that the surgery was successful.

Susie Boggs said...

I will keep Jacob in my prayers. Wow, what a scary/huge/emotional/loving day you had. Keep positive. There is truly something to be said for thinking and believing positive. What a great smile Jacob has in the picture from the hospital~ I wish I could huge you and take away all of this worry and fear. Hang in there. Every day seems a bit better, and you are right... moving forward is the only direction to go. Sleep well tonight.

Jeffy said...

Good to hear that the surgery was successful. Thank you for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

I prayed for Jacob and all of you today whenever Jacob came to my mind.
I am thrilled that so much was able to be accomplished today during his surgery. Wow! He really is on the way to healing and recovery. Thank God.
I appreciate so much your family's willingness to share yourselves at a time like this and please know how much good it is doing for my heart and soul. Thank you.
I will continue to pray for Jacob and all of you.

Caitlin Mackenzie said...

...celebrating with you and your family!


Oz said...

Tom --

Praying for you guys this morning out in Atlanta.

Kent Ostby

Anonymous said...

I can imagine how victories can also feel like set backs...especially in a healing process. (spiritual and physical). God is amazing in his tangible pictures he plays out with us. Always giving us more to understand Him with. God chose Jacob for this journey for a reason...and you and Debbie and Robbie and Jensen...and all of us! His Love is being magnified and displayed for ALL to see...in a way we could have never done ourselves. Jacob is not the only one healing because of this accident...Jacob's healing is healing all of us too! We love you guys...Hugs to you and Debbie...and please give one to Jake for us!
Jessicah Travis

Anonymous said...

Nini Lettner has been keeping me updated over this course of time. I'm grateful for the updates as it gives me opportunity to pray directly into Jacob's needs. Praise God for what has been a blessing so far, and trusting Him for Jacob's future. The Biblical Jacob also had to fight for what was rightfully his, and his body was struck in the hip/back resulting in permanent limping. It's what we do with what we have that gives God ultimate glory. Blessings to your entire family. - Jan

Victoria said...

Rec'd Email request to post for Carol:

Hi Tom,
Will continue to pray for Jacob and for God to continue to heal him.

Blessings, Carol