Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Thanks for the prayers...blood test when quite smoothly. Jacob said he only felt a little funny when he looked down at the blood. A lot of stress getting out of the house - Jake walked to the car with his cane. Very cool. Of course we are right there next to him. We are needing to adjust his meds due to the blood test. So although we are exhausted it does feel like we are on top of rehab. Two more appointments tomorrow. Long days - 3 hours in between appointments. Although all of this is a huge strain and adjustment we constantly praise God and tell Jacob how thankful we are for the fact that we have him and that he is going to be better.

Tonight we are bbq-ing for a few of his friends - so cool to have them all in our home hanging with Jake.

I need to get back to getting dinner ready - just wanted to let you know what is up as everyday I am reminded that many are still on this journey with us and we value that so very much.


Tom (Dad)

And Happy Birthday Robbie - we miss you and love you.


Lynlee said...

Tom - Thank you so much for continuing with the postings. Although Jacob is home (yippee!) he is still in my prayers (as is the entire family). It is such a blessing to read these postings and hear how much progress he is making. Know that I am here for your family - to assist in any way I am needed.
Much love to all.

Heidi said...

Yes, still on the journey with you in prayer.
Heidi Mackie :)