Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quick good night - working on 4 hours sleep.

Jake is asleep - big day tomorrow with two therapists - he is not looking forward to it. But it is stepping forward. Jake continues to look better each day and do more and more on his own. He has a hard time seeing it but we see it and I remind him each day what he has overcome. So very thankful for him and for Robbie and for Jensen's empathy. Debbie has a very giving heart - she is full throttle in caring for Jacob - very proud of her.

Monday is coming soon and it is going to be a week of growth in the midst of challenge. I am praying that we see God tomorrow - even in the little things. He is right next to us with us in this battle - we need to fight to see him.

Whatever tomorrow may bring, Lord open our eyes that we may see you.

Goodnight my sons.

Tom (Dad)

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Mari said...

Love this picture and look forward to joyful wholeness again as seen here! Continuing to pray...