Monday, September 21, 2009

Prayer: First Blood

Debbie took Jake to two appointments today and he has two more on Wednesday. Tomorrow they want him to come back in for a blood test to make sure the anti-biotics are at the right levels. It may sound small but we all watched Jacob being stuck multiple times trying to find the river. In times of stress the river gets smaller and Jacob becomes a pin-cushion making it even worse.

Pray for peace tomorrow - for Jake - and rest for Debbie. Pray that they find the vein the first time - FIRST BLOOD is our prayer.

Amazed by the support and thankful that we have so many who support us - no matter what our background or faith is we gather in love and caring for Jacob.


Tom (Dad)


Debbie said...

PRAYING. First blood. God made Jake's body, knows his veins, knows what's broken, what's working, what needs mending and knows how to lead the Doctor's in the way they should go. I LOVE the proverb that says, "...God can channel (or lead) the hearts of kings..." In this case, I pray God will lead the hearts of Doctor's and nurses. I pray that a vein will "pop" at just the right moment...that his blood pressure will be strong. That the antibiotic levels are correct and on course. praying. For first blood, for peace, rest and that this procedure will be easier than expected.

Mari said...

OK we'll be praying for peace & easy blood tests for Jacob tomorrow, and rest for you and Debbie! Can't even imagine all that this transition now entails with all the trips back & forth to Kaiser and learning how to do everything yourselves! You all are courageous and such a testimony of faith & perserverence! The joyful gratefulness of our prayers now outweighs the burdened tears of before as the miracles of Jacob's recovery abound & continue to amaze us! But we also know that the journey is still difficult & painful, and we will not stop praying just as hard as we did while Jake was still in a coma! Remaining with you everyday in love & prayer, the Kings

Heidi said...

Continuing to pray for Jacob and your family!
Heidi Mackie :)