Saturday, September 19, 2009

News and Concert - time for bed - here is the link to the website if you want to see the interview.

We went to the concert tonight. Jacob just wanted to hang out in the back room and see his friends. It was great to watch him - he commented on the way home that they just treat him like Jacob and do not freak over what happened. He longs to feel "normal"...praise God for his friends who see him as still "Jacob".

From what we saw - great concert - thanks to all who worked so hard and for all that attended.

Continually blessed,

Tom (Dad)


Janie G said...

So happy for you all! Wish we could have been at the benefit. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey with you. We feel so honored to be able to keep Jacob and your family in our prayers! Janie & Ken

AllForYeshua said...

It is great to hear that Jacob has made it home! I know that all of you have much still to conquer, but the Lord has brought you this far, & He will see you through to the end.
Terri(your night shift nurse in PICU)

Yippeeee you're HOME said...

Wow, what a beautiful interview. How wonderful to be able to see Jacob, and hear his voice! What a beautiful soul he has :) Congratulations on being back home !
Susie Boggs

david said...

we are praying for you jacob in tlc jr. you are home thank god

Erika Hietala said...

i was at the concert. i really enjoyed it. it was cool to see all these people gathered for him.
i wish i could've met jacob. that would've been awesome!