Wednesday, September 2, 2009

King of Wonders

In the midst of pain, Jacob said, "I can't breath." His breathing is strong - lungs show no infecting - he was actually breathing too well for this size of trach that he has - and was working against the respirator -or. So through much deliberation they decided to let him try breathing on his own and so far (45 minutes) he is doing great. Of course doing great means he is getting better - vitals are good although right now his blood pressure is a little high - but all in all for what he has been through he is doing well. He is able to mouth to us his level of pain - which right now is a 4 out of 10. We are keeping him comfortable and allowing his body to heal and settle

So let me say again - He is breathing on his own - remember when not too long ago we were praying for his lungs and wanting him off the respirator? Now in the midst of this his lungs are so strong and he is off the respirator just the day after the surgery. So the more we go in this direction the more we move toward getting the trach out which will lead to getting the feeding tube out which gets him closer to Betty's Burgers and Naka Sushi!

King of Wonders
byMatt Redman & a whole bunch of people on CompassionArt
We could try to count the stars,
You already know them each by name.
Every single galaxy was your design,
Your majesty displayed.

Your glory shines before our eyes,
The more we see, the more we love You

King of wonders, we stand amazed,
There’s no other, other than you.
King of wonders, you know the way to our hearts and
The more we see the more we love you.

You reveal and we respond,
You have shown there’s no one like you God
Your love and mercy welcomes us
Into the beauty of this Holiness.

The more we see the more we love You, God.
As I close this out Jacob just said, "Mom, tuck me in?"

Our boy is coming back.

Tom (Dad)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jacob! Praise to the King of Wonders! Lord, please continue to bless the Kirkendall's tonight with rest for all.

Love you guys,

Lynlee said...

So incredibly happy for Jake's strength & your sense of humor throughout this.... loved the story about having a pedicure! It has become standard practice to pray for Jake (and you all too) throughout the day!! Looking forward to the day I get to give him a big hug (and meet him for the first time). Much love to you~

Anonymous said...

Debbie - know that we are all praying for strength for you every day too. You are a huge part of my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Jacob... you are amazing!! So proud of your courageous heart! You're a fighter and we have full faith in you. You will do things in this recovery you didn't think we're possible...or maybe you will think its ALL possible! We are so proud of you. We pray all the time for you...our whole church does. We love it when people want an update on you and we get to give them amazing miraculous news about you! We love you!!
love, The Travis family (Jess)

Anonymous said...

Praise God! I am in awe of His wonders. His faithfulness. His lovingkindness. His love. Praying for a night of good, sweet sleep for all five of you and your friends and loved ones. God is good -- all the time.

Blessings to you,

Anonymous said...

You will be restored in a mighty way , a supernatural way.Because he makes miracles .Jesus is alive and his mighty works are with you...Jacob.

Maria Robinson, Aptos, California

Cindy Todd said...

Thank you exciting!

design one e said...

Betty's Burgers, Naka Sushi and MAN GROUP PIZZA! YAY, Jacob! You are our hero...thanks for being an inspiration to my children and to our whole family.

The Griffin Family said...

So great to hear! Fervently praying for continued healing!

Kit Tosello said...

King of Wonders, we DO stand AMAZED!

Cathy said...

Good strong lungs - what a miracle! Jesus please bring soothing relief to Jacob's wounds. Give the doctors wisdom and compassion. Encourage Jacob's heart with a quiet strength. Shine Your light through this family to the medical community. Someone there needs to know You. Draw them to the Savior through Jacob and his family. Your name be praised!

Anonymous said...

WOW! How wonderful to hear the news! Do you know how often we/I start something new, and after a while it kind of fades away or becomes less interesting? I can honestly say I have read every post since this blog started! I pray numerous times a day as you all come to mind, and I am SO thankful for how God is working through this journey! I look forward to visiting here as soon as I sit at the computer, and you would be amazed at how many people are being ministered to through your wonderful daily testimonies. I say this not to boast but to thank you guys for being so faithful in communicating your hearts, fears, doubts, joys, praises.... It is such on Honor to be with you through these trials (remember when your early posts were concentrating on the joy(?) of trials?) Just as a team enjoys victory after struggling, I pray you can realize the glory that is to come from remaining steadfast during these trials. Your faith and candidness are so refreshing in allowing others to grow along with you. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow! Praise Him! Guy B.

Mari said...

So awesome Jacob!!! :-) Thank you God!!! We once again stand in amazement & tears of happiness! Will pray for a good night's sleep for all of you tonight and for more amazing healing & miraculous recovery reports ahead! :-) We love you! The Kings

Noree said...

"Mom, tuck me in."
THAT will carry me through the day.
Tears of joy and thanks to our heavenly healer.
Love to you, precious Kirkendalls.
Bless, bless, bless,

Victoria said...

Rec'd email request to post from Carol:

Hi Tom and Debbie,

Praying for you both and know how hard it is to see your son going through all that he is. May God strengthen you both. Look how far he's come. Soon you will be taking your son home and do all that you will need to do with and for him.

God, touch Jacob and continue to heal him amazingly like You have so far. Cause his head to heal quickly and all tubes and stuff removed because of Your touch on his body.

Blessings, Carol