Thursday, September 3, 2009

Joy in this journey

Thursday September 3rd - it is a recovery day - a day of continued small steps forward - awesome, incredible increments of growth. Jake had a good night - not great - in that there was pain - but it was great in view of what he had just gone through - the fact that there is a part of his muscle now being grafted over his brain - skin on top of that muscle - incredible what can be done to protect and heal and create a place where skin can grow back and prepare for the plate. He is off of the ventilator - I wondered as I came in this morning if he needed it last night - nope he is breathing on his own. Honestly I keep telling myself that over and over again - he is breathing on his own. Now the next step is plugging the trach to help to retrain him to breath through his mouth - he is breathing on his own. The trach should be plugged next week which is the first step in getting the trach out. Even to hear the doctors talking about that is music to my ears.

They just removed one of the IV lines from his wrist from the surgery - not necessary anymore - one less tube - moving forward these small steps are steps of joy and incredible celebration. He is doing well - awake more - able to make a few sounds - able to talk to us even though slight. He is breathing; he is talking; he is healing. He asked me to tuck him in - straighten his sheet and put a blanket over his feet - in the midst of it I inadvertently touched his thigh - right now this is his greatest pain - the donor sight for the graft.

Read these verses this morning - some of my favorite:
That which was from the beginning,
which we have heard,
which we have seen with our eyes,
which we have looked at and our hands have touched -
this we proclaim concerning the Word of Life.
The life appeared
we have seen it and testify to it,
and we proclaim to you the eternal life,
which was with the Father and has appeared to us.
And our fellowship is with the Father
and with his son, Jesus Christ.
We write this to make our joy complete.
1 John 1:1-4

There is joy in the midst of this journey as we have seen God work in the midst of our worst nightmare. Though we do not always understand nor do I hope to fully understand, God is good - we share this journey with whoever wants to join in that it makes our joy complete.

Hope in this journey,

Tom (Dad)

By the way this weekend my friend, Charlie Broxton, is preaching at Twin Lakes Church ( in Aptos and asked me to do a little Q and A with him - feel like it is another step in sharing this journey - pray for this time that hope would be evident.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for you all! God bless you!


Bob Duffy said...

Is God incredibly awesome or what???!!! So exciting to see Him answer so many prayers, one by one. It is so clear that He is watching over Jacob each step of the way. And God, in His manifold wisdom, gave Jacob the love for surfing, resulting in strong lungs, which are SO important for everything Jacob's gone through, and now getting him off the vent.
All praises to such a great God!
-the Duffys

Victoria said...

Rec'd email request to post from Carol:

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!

Blessings, Carol